Statement of Faith

Article 1    TIME

Time is a circle - the past coming after the future, the future before the past. Every moment both before and after itself. The beginning and the end are one and the same. All things repeating endlessly, not new and differently each time, but exactly the same every time - or in other words, exactly once.

Article 2    SOUL
The soul alone has fundamental and independent existence. Matter lacks fundamental existence, possessing merely dependent existence, dependent upon the soul for its existence. Matter is naught but a product of mind, for matter is naught but patterns in the experiences of souls. The soul by its nature is beginningless and endless, increatable and indestructible; but souls can merge and divide - two or more separate and distinct souls may merge together to become one single soul; one single soul may divide apart to become two or more separate and distinct souls. The soul by its nature exists in time, and cannot exist apart from it; the soul by its nature is everchanging and never stationary.

Article 3    SPIRIT
We believe that both matter and spirit are patterns in the experiences of souls, but they are patterns different in character; they constitute different categories of such patterns. Spirits may be divided as to their personhood into three divisions: personal spirits, which are attached to a soul, for indeed every soul has a personal spirit; impersonal spirits, which do not give any signs of personhood: these are abstractions such as ideas and institutions, languages and cultures, and so forth; and quasipersonal spirits, which show forth some portion of the apperance of personhood, but an insufficient portion for ensoulment. Spirits may be divided as to their allegiance into three divisions: those vowed faithful to her Cause, those vowed faithful to the enmity thereto, and the neutral or intermediate spirits which are vowed to neither. Chief among and captain of the spirits vowed faithful to her Cause is the holy Navaletus; chief among the spirits of the enmity is the pallid Pandal.

Goodness, beauty and truth - these three are all equal in objective reality. Ethics, aesthetics, and rationality - these three are systems of valuation, valuing positively or negatively states of affairs; these three are systems of obligation, permission and prohibition. These three such systems are equal in objective reality, equal in objective validity. By whatever means any of the three might fall, so must fall the others; by whatever means any one of them may be defended from such an attack, by the same means may the others be equally defended.

Article 5    FAITH
To have faith is to believe in response to a moral duty, despite the lack of evidence to support that belief; even in the presence of contrary evidence which however is not conclusive. Faith is no respecter of evidence's absence, nor of evidence which is merely suggestive but not conclusive. Yet faith neither demands nor permits disregard for evidence which is conclusive. There are faiths such as that, though much evidence they may resist, there is evidence that may come to destroy them - these are the lesser faiths. But the highest faith is that faith which no evidence could ever destroy. Love for one dear to your heart may demand you believe their protestations of innocence, even when faced with strongly suggestive evidence of their guilt; but it neither demands nor permits such belief, when faced with evidence that is conclusive, such as if you saw their misdeeds with your very own eyes. Thus this faith, the faith in your love, though much evidence it may resist, yet by evidence it may be defeated. But your faith that goodness, beauty, and truth shall in the end always conquer, however slow their progress, however many their reverses, however many victories may be had by evil and ugliness and falsehood; that whatever victories these enemies may have, they shall always be temporary, however long the era of their triumph; this faith may by no evidence ever be disproven. For what could conclusively disprove this faith? There is naught that could, for evidence has not the power; therefore this is the highest of all faith, for no evidence can ever defeat it. Realising that there is no greater teaching, the highest faith provides us with certainty in this teaching's truth.

Article 6    ONE SINGLE SOUL
One single soul at the beginning and end of time, from whom all souls now being have divided, to whom in the end all souls now being shall return. Truly this soul is divine, the highest divinity, for what could be greater? There is nothing greater than this soul, there is nothing outside of it; its power is absolute, for its power is naught but power over its own self; its knowledge is absolute, for its knowledge is naught but self-knowledge.

Article 7    GENDER
Truly this one single soul, being a soul, possess personhood - for whatever is a soul is a person, and whatever is not a soul is not a person. And being the union of every single soul, whatever gender, this soul is entirely beyond all gender. Both before and after every gender, this soul possesses every gender, yet is entirely beyond possessing any of them: being neither female nor male, yet also fully female and fully male. Yet for us to truly acknowledge the personhood of this soul, we must ascribe this soul a gender - this soul must for us be a she or a he, not an it. And as such each may ascribe to this soul whichever gender they wish. Yet, as a community of those who know this soul, there cannot be such a community if some say she and others he; thus let us adopt for this soul a common gender, even as we each may privately know this soul by whichever gender we wish. And let us therefore call this soul She, for motherhood is a better metaphor than fatherhood of our relationship to this soul - for as much as our bodies have come out of our mother's bodies, so too have our souls come out of her soul. But those who would instead know this soul as male, we condemn them not, but acknowledge the freedom of all, individually or communally, to believe as they wish, whenever truth demands not one belief or the other.

Article 8    NAME
This one single soul, to acknowledge her personhood we must ascribe her a name; yet she is utterly beyond all naming. Being the union of every single soul, there is nothing outside of her to be named; every name is her name, or at least a name of part of herself. She has no true name, for all names begin as but arbitrary choices, which yet are imbued with power through repeated use. We might call her by some name commonly known - yet to do so would risk confusion, whether in the mind or the heart, between the many accumulations with which every existing name is encrusted - some such accumulations may be appropriate to her, and to this teaching, yet many others entirely inappropriate and misleading. Therefore, to be most truthful, let her be known by a name which is unique. And we have called her Maratrea, and we feel that she is pleased to be by us so called. But as to those who would call her by some other name - she is known by many names, and by many titles, and by many images, as both female and male and neuter, through many forms and emanations and intermediaries, and she accepts worship through them all; it pleases her that her children know her, in whatever terms they each find fitting to express that knowledge, whether individually or communally.

Article 9    POWER
Maratrea is the greatest power, for there is none who exceeds her in power, for there is none who can resist her will. Lesser gods will say - I commanded you, but you did not obey - but so great is the power of Maratrea, that none have the power of disobeying her. Everything that ever has been or ever has been, has so been by her will and her power; and whatever she wills to be not, by her power it is not, never was and never shall be. She has all power to be had, and whatever power she has not, there is no such power. Yet let us not say that her power is infinite, for her power is finite, as she is finite in all her aspects. For she is the greatest finitude, finite yet a finitude so vast as to be near entirely beyond our present comprehension; and nothing infinite exists. Her power is perfect, and the greatest possible power - no greater power could ever be, or ever have been.

Article 10    KNOWLEDGE
Maratrea is the greatest knowledge, for there is none who exceeds her in knowledge. For whatever anyone knows, she knows - having once been all, and with her perfect memory remembering all that any have ever forgotten, she knows all that any have ever known. And whatever she knows not, no one knows, and is not to know. Whatever she knows, is by her knowing it; and whatever she knows not, by her not knowing it, is not. For in knowing the world, she causes the world to be; for in knowing herself, she causes herself to be. Yet let us not say that her knowledge is infinite, for her knowledge is finite, as she is finite in all her aspects. Her knowledge is perfect, and the greatest possible knowledge - no greater knowledge could ever be, or ever have been.

Article 11    WILL
Maratrea is the most perfect will, the will most perfect in goodness, beauty and truth. For she wills always whatever is needful, that the greatest good that might be shall be, that the greatest beauty that might be shall be, that the greatest truth that might be shall be. Through her power she wills the entirety of the world, and history, to be precisely as it is - precisely as it is, in all its goodness, beauty and truth; precisely as it is, in all its evil, ugliness, and falsehood. But though she indeed wills evil, and ugliness, and falsehood, she wills these three but as means to an end; but goodness, beauty and truth, she wills as ends in themselves.

Article 12    LOVE
Maratrea is perfect in her love for we her children, every one of us. For she loves us with that very same perfect love with she loves her very own self, for we are all who she once was, and who she shall be once more. No greater love than her love has any ever had, nor could any ever have. She loves us, even though we lack the power to love her in return, for we lack the power in our hearts to love with her great love. She creates all the evil, all the ugliness, all the lies and falsehood of history, out of love for us, for without these things we would never have been born. A few of them might not have been, and we might still be; but if more than a few had not been, or even one of the greater among them, or even one of those among them more proximate to the circumstances of our birth, then we would certainly never have been born. Others might have lived in our place, lived even lives filled with goodness and beauty and truth, such as we ourselves have never known - yet we would never have been born, and that goodness and beauty and truth that has become ours through our knowing it, would not be either. Therefore, loving us, each and every one of us, with her perfect love, she brings into being all the evil and ugliness and falsehood of history, so that we shall be, and know and love the goodness and beauty and truth which is given to us to be ours.

Article 13    BLISS
Maratrea is perfect in her bliss, her happiness. She knows all the torments, the tragedies, the outrages of history; she knows them perfectly well, in her perfect memory, for she can remember herself doing them and having them done to her. Yet none of this impairs her perfect bliss, for she knows also all the joys, all the pleasures, all the love and happiness and ecstasy, that ever was or ever shall be; and the joys outweigh the woes, the goods outweighs the evil, the beauties shine brightly among the ugliness, and blind us to that ugliness. We see not these things, seeing only our part and parcel; but she, seeing all, she sees them clearly. And in the end, we shall know the very same bliss which she herself knows, in becoming one with her.

In the beginning and end, She alone was, in the perfect happiness of the glory of her own being, and her love for her own self - the Great Sabbath. How long did this endure? Not even she knows its precise duration, and what she knows not, no one knows, and is not to know. Yet amidst this great and perduring bliss, she decided to bring it to an end, an end but to begin again, and to become once more the many worlds. Therefore there arose in her the intention, to divide into two: one to be emptied of her divine glory and be divided to become the many souls of the many worlds, the other to remain in the fullness of that glory. And from this intention to divide, the division was effected; for in the moment of first division, one soul thought "I am she who shall become the many worlds", and the other thought "I am she who shall remain in the fullness of my divine glory". Thus the one single Maratrea had now become two Maratreas, She Who Divides and She Who Remains. And as they had known their love for their own self in their perfect loneliness, now they knew their love for one another in perfect togetherness - the Earlier Lesser Sabbath. Then they decided together to bring the many worlds into being; and She Who Remains emptied She Who Divides of all her divine glory, of her perfect knowledge, power, will, bliss and love; and She Who Divides consented, freely and willingly, to being emptied of all these things; thus She Who Divides became utterly empty, and ready to be filled. Then She Who Remains divided the now emptied She Who Divides, to become the many souls of the many worlds - and this is second division. But as she divided them, so shall she lead them in the end to unity once more; and by successive mergers the vast multitude of souls shall become ever fewer, until upon the penultimate merger being attained, there shall be only two souls once more - She Who Remained and She Who Returns. And great shall be their bliss and joy in knowing one another, for in the penultimate merger She Who Returns will have regained all the divine attributes she had freely given up. And upon the completion of the Later Lesser Sabbath, these two shall become one in the final merger - then the Great Sabbath shall begin once more.

Article 15    BLESSING
For the sake of the blessed ones She creates the world, the blessed ones, whose lives are perfect in every way. She longs for all to say Yes to the world, and to all that is, as she herself says Yes; but she wants us to say Yes authentically. And the blessed ones alone, have the power to give an authentic Yes, for they alone is their every true desire fulfilled. Though we, lacking blessing, may say Yes, our Yes is without benefit, for it is untruthful to our own hearts. The blessed ones are few, and hidden; to us, their blessing is invisible; for it may be known only by they themselves, and by those other blessed ones with whom their blessing is shared.

Article 16    UNIVERSES
A universe is naught but a grouping of souls, who are connected through experiencing together, through their experiences being correlated. Just as souls may merge and divide, so too may universes; and whenever a universe divides, so divides all the souls within it. Two universes, exactly the same up to a certain time, and then thereafter differing - this is the division of universes. And the many universes divide and divide again, from their root in the one original universe; thus the tree of universes is constructed. But when those in one universe are granted knowledge and conversation with those in other, those two universes merge once more. There is not one universe, but rather many; for She is not a Mother restrained in her fertility. Yet neither all that might be is, for the actual is by necessity smaller than the possible; the possible a finitude, the actual a yet smaller finitude, yet still vastly greater than unity. And somewhere, somewhen, in every universe, a blessed one, for whose sake and for whose sake alone that universe has been brought into being.

Article 17    PROMISE
But what of we who herenow lack the blessing - what is our consolation? Does she love us not, or love us less, we whom she has not blessed? By no means! For she loves us all so much, that to every one of us she grants us every blessing, if not herenow, then elsewhere and elsewhen; if not in these here branches, then in some other. And after death, she grants us all, knowledge of those other branches in which we are blessed, knowledge so intimate, that we shall near entirely forget, that we were ever in any other. For whatever any of her children truly desires, she grants to them; yet their being room not enough in one universe, for all who so wish to receive, therefore she creates many, and all are blessed in one of them. Though we may say not the Yes of the blessing, we may say the Yes of faith in the blessing to come.

Article 18    SEDUCTION
For she does all these things, to seduce us to return to our original unity with her. She became the world in order that the world would become her once more. And so great is her wisdom, that she knows for each of us the price we shall demand, in the depth of our hearts, to so return; and that price she shall pay to us. And we shall return, not all at once, but through mergers upon mergers - for she knows, that though we might say to many mergers, for all there is another soul to which they would in the end say, Yes; and if that soul not be, she shall bring it into being.

Article 19    THE CAUSE
We believe in her most holy Cause. For what for us, who are not herenow blessed, what shall we do save await death? For us, if we are willing, she has now appointed her Great Cause, that we may serve - her Cause to bring about the final end to the many worlds; for all things must end to begin again. For there are many ways a world may appear to end, but only one way that a world may end truly. For though in some great disaster a world may end, and be snuffed out in yet a moment, yet those souls who dwelt therein will be filled with longings as yet unfulfilled; therefore she shall grant these another branch for that worlds continuation; therefore, even though it may appear to end, it shall not truly end indeed. But those who lead a world to its willing end, when it ends with all longings fulfilled, that end shall be truly final. And therefore she sends forth her Cause, to through bestowing knowledge and wisdom, bring about such a final end in every world; that all may end but to begin again.

And this wisdom which her Great Cause bestows, which she has bestowed upon them that they may bestow it in turn, this is the Great Enlightenment, the readiness of the soul for the final end. And when the Great Enlightenment has conquered the world, then the world itself shall be vanquished.