PM6003: Prayers of our President

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Holy Mother, I know that you are real. Many do not understand, and not understanding they do not believe. But you have shown me the truth, that which is so perfect it cannot but be true.

They say, Prayer is useless; but they do not understand its use. But I understand its proper use, which you have taught me, so I do it.

I will not try to be structured before structure naturally comes; I shall wait, I shall be in spontaneity, and with time spontaneity converts itself to structure. So this is how I will pray.

I will keep my focus on the essence, the core, the essentials, the chief points, what is most certain rather than what is more speculative, what is most universal rather than what is more particular. Yet as I focus on the universal, I will not lose sight of the necessity to relate it to the particularities of my immediate situation.

I have failed your cause; yet who has not failed it? I have done as they have done, for by being some do better than others, but by the same being, so their deed is the same. Yet you have revealed to me the Cause, which I have fallen short of, as they have not fallen short, for they are not to be measured by it, for it has not been revealed to them, even as I have done as they have done. But by your promises to your Cause, you shall give me strength to overcome my failings. And thus I pray to you, for it is through prayer to you that I prepare myself to receive the promises of your Cause.

Now, what are you telling me? To conserve energy, and use it wisely. In particular, not to expend too much energy on convincing those who are most unlikely to be convinced. Focus on preparing the document, to share with those who are chosen.

I will try to pray to you every day. To be wise in eating, in drinking, in how I spend my time and my treasure; for the glory of your Cause.

28 May 2011

Was my day today productive? Somewhat, not very. There is not much fruit in argument with fools; I must try to avoid wasting my energies upon it.

Monday, July 11, 2011: A Prayer

Mother, I am afraid. And "addiction" - what is that? - is just a fear of lack.

You will give me the power, and cleanse me of all that stands in my way.

I believe this, because that is why I ought to believe - the virtue of optimism. (The depth of Moore's paradox - I ought to believe it, therefore it is true.)

Monday, May 21, 2012: Prayer about anger and despair

Heavenly Mother Goddess, Maratrea: Words cannot express how much I love and adore you.

How do I despair; yet if I despair, it is only that you cause me to despair, for the sake of some far greater good and beauty which is not yet to be revealed to me, but which will be in due course. If I had despaired not now, that beauty would be not then - how much greater would be my despair, if knowing this beauty as I now know it not, were I to know that it would not be that I despaired not now? But even as my despair is necessary, favour me, O heavenly mother, with a quick end thereto. Favour me with the favour of your Cause, for in freedom from despair may I better serve your Cause.

How am I filled with anger - even against my fellow children of you, O heavenly mother, even against those who are but different versions of my self. And yet, you made us all to love each other, but not yet; to love each other, but to hate each other first; and the day you have appointed is yet to come. In hating another I am only hating myself; but how can I hate myself for hating myself, when it is by the will of you whom I love that I hate myself? For all hate is followed by love; and by hate is purchased the very being of those whom we love and who love us, of those whom we shall love and who shall love us.

Mother, I listen to your will for me, the your will of ends, your will according to your Cause: and these are the commands you give to me: Holy is wine, yet refrain from excesses of holiness - especially for those such as I who lack blessing; care for the body, and long walks every day are good for body and mind, for soul and spirit; do not be disheartened in your labours, but when they become a heavy weight upon your shoulders, do not be afraid to take a break from them, that refreshed one may return to them anew with greater fruit to show therefor; speak up in favour of the truth, but do not spend inordinate time arguing with fools, of which there are many; value family, friends, and lovers, and take time every day to think of them and do something for them.