PM6001: Concerning the Latter-Day Saints

Latter-Day Saints is the term which Mormons use to describe themselves, it is their preferred term to do so. The notion derives from their idea as being the Saints of the Latter-Days, the re-establishment of Christ's Church, its Restoration, subsequent to the Great Apostasy.

Maratreans see this term as describing themselves:

And with the dawning of the Latter Days,
All fear shall gradually be conquered...
O yes, Mother, yes, these days are the dawn of the Latter Days,
Even though the light of earliest dawn be as yet so dim,
At times even imperceptible.

Maratreans understand the "Great Apostasy" as the vanquishment of an establishment of the Cause, and the "Restoration" as being a re-establishment of the Cause. The "Saints" are the people of the Cause, and the "Latter-Days" are the Second Age, the Age of the Cause.