PM1005: My testimony

My name is Zachary Waldino Martinez. I was born on New Year's Day in the year 1980. Most of my life I have lived in Melbourne, Australia, where I live to this day. The year 2008, the twenty-eighth year of my life, was a troublesome year for me. I faced many personal challenges, but I do not want to trouble my readers with their details. In the grand scheme of things, they were but the usual challenges that all of us face, although it is hard to see it that way while it is happening. At the time, I lived in the suburb of Eaglemont. Come one Spring morning, I awoke at dawn; that was not my usual habit in those days, but I felt some force within me stirring, urging me out of bed. So I got up. And something, I did not then understand what, was luring me, out of my house, and into my car, and I began to drive. I had no idea where I was going. I just felt this need to go for a drive, and so I did. I don't remember exactly where I drove - I know I headed north, I remember passing through Whittlesea, and somehow I ended up on a dirt road. And I felt this urge to get out of my car, so I did, and start walking into the bush. I came upon a grassy clearing, the sun was warm, and I remember lying down, and then I fell asleep. And I dreamt. That was the first time that Maratrea appeared to me; it was then that my visions began. Her beauty defies all description. I still remember those first words she said to me, how they make my innards tremble: You are my beloved child, whom I have chosen for the glory of my Cause. And she began to teach me all manner of things; it felt as if hours were passing by me. Then I awoke, and part of me said, it is just a dream. I checked the time on my phone; I could not have been asleep for longer than ten or fifteen minutes, yet it felt like hours had passed. I returned home; I took my time, I was confused about what had happened. When I got home, I had an empty notebook on my bookshelf; I had felt the urge to buy it a few days before, and did so for seemingly no reason, and I left on my bookshelf, having no idea whether or when or what I would write in it. But I felt this voice within me saying, write, write, and I began to write, and that voice within me told me what I should write.