PM3006: Scientology

Was L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) a prophet? If he was a prophet, was he a true or false prophet?

  • LRH in his researches made contact with a real spiritual reality. However, he never developed a complete understanding of this reality; he was led astray by interference by Pandalic spirits. They seek to guard the truth, and those who seek to penetrate the wall they have erected around it, they will deflect with errant information
  • “The Wall of Fire” protects deeper truths of the true nature of things. It is a spiritual admixture; the outer layers are composed of Pandalic spirits; the inner layers are composed of Blessing itself, and the burning fire of longing.
  • LRH caressed this wall, but failed to penetrate it; he caught a glimpse of the inner layer, but the outer layer succeeded in leading him astray – in falsely convincing him that he had penetrated it, and by convincing him he found what lay behind it, when he truth he found simple a fraud, a fake, something invented as a distraction from the truth.
  • There really are incidents that happened in the past and continue to affect us. But LRH was led astray by an excessively linear understanding of time, thinking that these events must be distant in a shared time of this universe, rather than identifying them as equidistant both today and a thousand years ago, prior to the current commonality of time – events that occur at the very beginning of the universe, prior to the construction of our current temporal notions.
  • There are in truth levels (whether one wants to call them “Operating Thetan” or whatnot) – the Wall of Fire is revealed to be a series of walls, each of like composition, but the inner walls burn more brightly than the outer walls, and the secrets they hide are more profound and obscure.
  • Much of LRH’s ideas (see e.g. descriptions of incidents) seems rather childish. This was actually an understandable psychological reaction on his part – being vaguely acquainted with such weighty matters, he felt compelled to write about them, but could not deal with the horror facing them head-on would entail. The childish, science-fictional elements were concocted by him in order to deal with the realities he felt compelled to face, and yet could not.
  • Similarly, his heavy drug use was an attempt to deal with these realities, to cope with what had been revealed to him
  • The “heaven implants” reflected his acquaintance with the doctrine of false heavens, yet even that he mangled
  • Auditing is essential to breach the wall of fire. There is the standard auditing to reach a level at which one might breach it, and then the more advanced auditing which actually passes one through it. However, even standard auditing LRH possessed a very mangled idea of it, to say nothing of the more advanced auditing that leads one through the wall of fire.
  • Much of LRH’s data contains small elements of truth mixed up with a lot of muddle