PM3012: Rael

Either Rael is real, or Rael is a fraud,
or Rael is both real and a fraud.

Even if in one universe he is a fraud,
there is sufficient desire to generate another in which he is not.
So, even if he is a fraud, he is also not a fraud.
The only question being, which universe is ours?
But, by the emptiness of universes, the answer may well be -- both.

Real Rael:
Fraudulent Rael:

Every religion is sufficiently true.
But not more than suffices for the purpose at hand.

How do we comprehend the emptiness of universes?
By studying the process of their division
By realising it need not be instantaneous, but rather gradual
Yet if gradual, it may be extended near indefinitely
Thus we may each be in different universes at once
And you and I may ourselves be in different universes right now
Even though we have at least one universe in common

It is the realisation of atemporal branching
Having realised branching temporally
May we then proceed to realise it

I used to believe in the future - but this, also, is something to overcome.
When I stopped believing in the future, it no longer worried me what would come.
The future is not, not through a deficiency, but through a superlfuity, an excess.
It is not that there is no future, but rather that there are too many.
We can say nothing of the future -- for whatever we say,
is likely true in one future yet also false in other
   -- both futures being equally true.