PM3011: Mormonism

Was Joseph Smith a prophet? If he was a prophet, was he a true or false prophet?

Joseph Smith made contact with a real spiritual reality. However, he never developed a complete understanding of this reality; he was led astray by interference by Pandalic spirits. They seek to guard the truth, and those who seek to penetrate the wall they have erected around it, they will deflect with errant information. “The Wall of Fire” protects deeper truths of the true nature of things. It is a spiritual admixture; the outer layers are composed of Pandalic spirits; the inner layers are composed of Blessing itself, and the burning fire of longing. Joseph Smith caressed this wall, but failed to penetrate it; he caught a glimpse of the inner layer, but the outer layer succeeded in leading him astray – in falsely convincing him that he had penetrated it, and by convincing him he found what lay behind it, when he truth he found simple a fraud, a fake, something invented as a distraction from the truth.

Signs of Mormon apostasy
  • Abandoned the ordinance of plural marriage
  • Abandoned the idea of establishing Zion
  • Abandoned the United Order
  • Abandoned the Desert alphabet
  • Abandoned the Joseph Smith Translation
  • Disinterested in ancient scriptures in the original languages - especially the Book of Mormon, Book of Abraham, and Joseph Smith Translation
  • Dishonouring the golden plates - if they truly honoured them, they would seek to reconstruct them, for when ever more perfect physical reconstructions are constructed, then the originals will reappear
  • Changed the word of wisdom from advice into a requirement
  • Abandoned wine in the sacrament
  • Rejection of prayer unto Heavenly Mother
  • Abandoned Lectures on Faith
  • False prophecies added to Doctrine and Covenants - such as Official Declaration 1 (OD1)
  • Abandoned the Presiding Patriarch
  • False doctrine of "The Family: A Proclamation To The World"
  • False doctrine of Official Declaration 2 (OD2) - not that God rejects racism, but rather that he ever accepted it
  • Abandoned the Adam-God doctrine
America is not the promised land
Indeed, while it could have become the promised land, it can now do so no longer. If the Mormons had remained faithful - if in some other branch they remain faithful - then the promised land might have indeed been in the Americas. But by worshiping at the altar of the usurpers - by desiring admission as a state into the "United States of America" - the possibility of promise was taken from that land. It might now be open for another - such as some part of Australia, perhaps - to assume that promise.

The promised land is the land in which the place is first assumed.