PM3128: Trichotomy-Maratrean Christian Church

We believe in the trichotomy - that the human being has three parts, body and soul and spirit. Body and spirit are the parts we know ordinarily; the soul is known through union, for to know a soul is to become identical to that soul, and exactly the same as that soul, to become one soul with that soul.

God has a soul and a spirit. God does not have a body in the way we have a body; we have a singular, continuous body; God has in every moment as few or as many bodies as he wishes, including none at all. The burning bush was an incarnation of God the Father.

While God the Father, while having bodies, has not an ordinary, regular or consistent body, the Son has two ordinary, regular or consistent bodies - the pre-ressurection body, and the glorified ressurection body. But the glorified ressurection body is less embodied than the pre-ressurection body, less singular and regular and consistent and permanent, but not as multiple, irregular, inconsistent and temporary as the body of the Father.

The Holy Spirit generally lacks a body, but is a quasipersonal spirit.

I believe in Trichotomy. I think humans have soul, spirit and body. The soul is the experiencing part, your inner self which others can't know. The body and spirit are the external appearances which others can know, but the body is material/physical, and the spirit is about your personality and character. In this communication, you are encountering my spirit (my words and thoughts), but not my body, because this communication gives you no idea how I look or how my voice sounds or how big or small my body is and so on.

I think at least some animals have souls and spirits too. The Bible talks about animals in the world to come (the lion will lie down with the lamb), which implies that animals are in heaven, which implies they have souls. I know for sure all dogs go to heaven, so they must have souls. My dogs have individual characters and personalities, which suggests they have spirits as well.

I believe that spirits can come attached to souls or not. People have spirits attached to souls, i.e. personal spirits. Ideas like democracy or mathematics have spirits but no souls, i.e. impersonal spirits. I believe the devil is a quasipersonal spirit (his spirit appears to have a soul, but doesn't actually) From here