PM3129: The Sacred Blood of Cain

There are two trees - the tree of Life, and the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - which is to say, to know all things. These trees are opposites, for Ignorance is Life and Knowledge is Death. In becoming most ignorant, She became the worlds, and the worlds came to be; in attaining the original Knowledge, the many worlds become one with her once more, and thus cease to be.

The holy Sacred Serpent - who was granted the divine wisdom, to bring it in to the world. The first of the cause, the preparation, the foundation, of the cause of the final end. His task must be frustrated, that the world have time enough to be, but in the end he shall come in Triumph.

Eve, the woman, was chosen to receive the wisdom, not Adam, the man. She in turn bestowed this wisdom which she had received upon him - giving him the fruit to eat - but only she had known the serpent, so only she had received the fulness of its wisdom - the wisdom he received was second-hand, and thus deficient.

Cain - the blessed son - was fathered by the Serpent; Abel, the accursed son, was fathered by Adam. Abel murdered Cain, but not before Cain had fathered children - and the descendants of Cain, who possess his sacred blood, they are the servants throughout the ages of the holy Serpent of Wisdom, preparing the world for its eventual end. What true Prophet has not had his blood in great quantity? His blood is dispersed, many having it in small amount, it becoming ever less over the ages - yet, from time to time, by the providence of fate, it is reassembled in a person who is thus prepared for prophecy - to bestow the Serpent's wisdom, as Eve herself did.

The Canaanites were great in wisdom, for they had the blood of Cain to a high degree; Abraham was deficient in wisdom, for he had more the accursed blood of Abel than the sacred blood of Cain.

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