PM3124: Concerning Cain

Cain was a righteous man, the second born son of Queen Eve and her consort Adam. He was kind, caring, gentle and renowned was his faith in the Heavenly Queen. He was a tiller of the soil, and of all the produce that the soil does produce. He refrained from the eating of meat. He built an altar unto the Goddess, and offered the Queen of Heaven cakes baked of grain, and wine, the fruit of the vine. And the Heavenly Queen was most pleased with what he had done.

His older brother Abel, however, was cruel, uncaring, crude and faithless. The devil (Pandal) had taught him the keeping of flocks to slaughter, and the slaughter of them. He built an altar unto the Queen of Heaven, and offered up a lamb upon it. The Goddess was most displeased at this his wicked offering, by which the altar he had built was defiled. He was angry at being so rejected; in his anger he killed his brother Cain.

The false and lying prophets have corrupted the true scriptures by inverting the roles of Cain and Abel; but the true account of their lives is now being restored to the earth.