PM3105: Christology of the Maratrean Christian Church

The Christology of the Maratrean Christian Church is based on the following principles:

  1. Rather than two separate natures, human and divine, we see there being one single common divine-human nature, but which nature exists in differing degrees of expression: the divine is the fullest, most perfect, maximal degree of expression of that nature, the human is a diminutive expression. In terms of degree of expression of this nature, Christ on earth occupies an intermediate degree: kenotically less than the fulness of the divine nature, but significantly above that of other human beings
  2. The Virgin Birth is primarily to be interpreted symbolically or allegorically. However, having accepted this symbolic or allegorical interpretation, we have no reason to deny that it also has literal truth
  3. Whether Jesus was sinless depends on exactly what we mean by sinless. Certainly he was without very many common forms of sin, but we would hesitate to say that he was absolute free of even the slightest degree of sinfulness
  4. Jesus did not know everything, but he knew everything he needed to know to fulfill his purpose. He was likely mistaken about some things, but they were not important things.