PM3003: Bahá'í is a false religion

Evidence that Bahá'í is a false religion:
  1. Not teaching the Bahá'í religion in the Zionist entity (the so-called "state" of "Israel") - a true religion would not refuse to teach in any country. Of course, if the consequences of doing so are severe persecution, then one might be justified in such a policy; but there is no evidence that deciding to teach their religion in Israel would result in severe persecution - undoubtedly, given the Zionist entity's long history of persecution of non-Jewish religions, some persecution would ensue, but there is no reason to think it would be so severe as to justify such a policy. The existence of this policy is evidence that the Bahá'í religion is false. If you possess the truth, you would desire to share it with others whenever possible. Having a policy of not doing so, is clear evidence of not being a true religion. (The same comment can be made with respect to the LDS church in Israel - another sign of LDS apostasy.) In both the Bahá'í and the LDS case, there seems to be some concern that the Zionist entity would deprive them of access to religious sites (the Bahá'í World Centre; the BYU Jerusalem Centre). First of all, one cannot say for certain that the Zionist entity would in fact try to do so, or succeed in doing so; if it so attempted, there would be numerous ways of bringing legal and political pressure upon it, both within the Zionist entity and internationally. Secondly, if the Zionist entity actually deprived them of those sites, new sites could be established elsewhere. Indeed, it seems that in their fear of Zionism, they are repeating the essential evil of Zionism itself - believing that the place of ingathering must be in one particular land, for the place of ingathering can change from time to time; if the ingathering is becoming infeasible in one land, it is sinful to cling to that land, when the same energies could be expended on the ingathering in another. This false belief is another evidence of being a false religion.
  2. Refusal to elect women to Universal House of Justice - clear evidence as any could be that Bahá'í is a false religion. They claim they believe in the equality of women and men, but this rule is clear evidence that their claimed belief is a lie. By contrast, the office of Prophet in Maratreanism, and the holy Council, and the holy assembly, are open to people of all genders. (The office of High Priestess in particular is restricted to women only, but it does not have any doctrinal authority, beyond the High Priestess being ex officio a member of the Holy Council, so that cannot possibly be compared to the Bahá'í situation. If one single seat of the Universal House of Justice was reserved for women only, and that seat was not the most senior, and the most senior was open to both sexes equally, then the two situations might be comparable - but clearly, the Universal House of Justice is not so organised, so the situations cannot so be compared. The Bahá'í faith remains a false religion.)
  3. The Kitáb-i-Aqdas providing sons with a larger inheritance than daughters in a case of intestacy. Whoever teaches that the son is to receive a greater share than the daughter, is without doubt a false prophet, and any scripture which so teaches, is without doubt a false scripture, in which the words of the false and lying prophets are recorded.
  4. The Kitáb-i-Aqdas provides for the death penalty. This is a clear sign of false prophecy, and false scripture, and false worship, and false religion. It even provides for the death penalty by burning to death (in cases of arson). How evil a religion are we dealing with here! Any religion which supports capital punishment, in any circumstances, however it limits it, is a religion which supports human sacrifice unto the false god Pandal, and therefore is a false religion, based upon false prophets and false scriptures.
  5. The prohibition of homosexuality - any religion which prohibits homosexuality is without doubt a false religion, based upon false prophets and false scriptures.

At the same time, even while we condemn Bahá'í as a false religion, at the same time we must condemn religious discrimination and persecution against the Bahá'í in Iran and other Islamic countries. While Bahá'í is a false religion, Islam as practised in these countries is a religion equal in falsehood, and their persecution of the Bahá'í is a sign of the falsehood of their religion.