PM5490: Why does the Goddess permit evil?

Without the suffering of others, we would never be born. Sure, people would still be born, but different people from us. The set of children that are born is determined by who mates with whom, which is determined by many factors which natural disasters, wars, genocides, etc., will have a heavy influence upon. To start with, people die, and thus are removed from the mating pool; thus any children they might have bore will never be born, but at the same time, those partners who would have had kids with them may well instead have different kids with different people - thus the death of others purchases our existence. Disasters make people move long distances, and thus they may meet people and have kids with them whom they never would have met but for the disaster. So Hurricanes and Holocausts and Hiroshimas - these are all ways that God shows her love for us. She shows her love for us by causing us to exist, and she does so by bringing about the evils necessary to our existence. This is the true "original sin" - the sin without which I am not, the sin of my own existence.

Could she have created a perfect world? Certainly she could; and maybe she has - another world, far off, besides this one, in another universe even. But in a perfect world, none of us exist - none of us would have ever been born. As inherently and inescapably imperfect creatures - creatures which cannot exist in the absence of grave imperfection - a perfect world is incompatible with our existence. And in loving us, not just as people-in-general, but as particular people whom she loves for who they are, she must create the imperfect world which is necessary to our existence. She did it all for love