PM5453: The Procession of the Gendered Roots

Now Suarenna sent forth the First Divisor Spirit, by which Suade was divided in twain, it the purely female and purely male gendered roots. Then she sent forth the Second Divisor Spirit, by which the roots were also divided in twain, into the two purely female and the two purely male. But at the same time Suarenna also sent forth the First Confounder Spirit, who causes each one to divide not into two but rather into three, two greater and coequal, on account of the Second Divisor Spirit, but also a third lesser and unequal, on account of this First Confounder Spirit. And the First Confounder Spirit took these two lesser and unequal branches of the purely female and the purely male, and merged them, to produce the hermaphroditic one. And then Suarenna sent forth the Second Confounder Spirit, the Confounding-Divisor, who divided the hermaphroditic one in twain, into the impurely female and impurely male ones. Thus were formed the three pairs, the purely female pair, the purely male pair, and the pair of confounded impurity. Then Suarenna sent forth the Third Divisor Spirit, who divided the three pairs into many pairs, each such pair deriving from one of the three original pairs, and repeating the same nature.

I know when I deal with the roots, I am nearing the very limits of my knowledge - these are great and weighty things which we can only barely begin to understand. I am hopeful that others who come after me may complete our knowledge of them.

Q] What is the classification of the roots?
A] They can be classified into dimensions. Gender is one of them, addressed above. Another is blood, not above addressed. There may well be others, such as possibly racial roots? - I am unsure of whether any such things are. I have thought of roots of time, but that is certainly not a dimension of the roots, for the triumph of time precedes the recession of roots.

Q] How are the different root-dimensions interconnected?
A] This is a deep and weighty question; I am unsure of the answer.

Q] The Divisor and Confounder Spirits, are they of the Cause or the Enmity or of neither?
A] Neither; they are neutral or intermediate spirits.

Q] The Divisor and Confounder Spirits, are they personal, quasipersonal or impersonal?
A] Not personal; either impersonal or quasipersonal. (I am not prepared to declare them quasipersonal, but it would not surprise me if at some point such a declaration came to be made.)

Q] How many genders are there?
A] The above text identifies three genders (purely male, purely female, and impure); the third gender is subdivided into two genders (impurely male and impurely female), which gives four genders. There are further genders the above text does not discuss (those of female and male transhomosexuality; those of female and male transheterosexuality; those of gender structured cishomosexuality.)

Q] What is the ranking of genders?
A] Certainly the pure ranks above the impure; it might be said that the two purities are equal but different. As to the ranking of the further genders, that is a matter somewhat unclear at present.

Q] Are procession and recession symmetrical?
A] To a significant degree, yes; although whether or not they be perfectly symmetrical, that is a matter unclear to us. It could be said, they are certainly not absolutely perfectly symmetrical, yet at the same time substantially symmetrical, but there still is a significant lack of clarity regarding the precise degree of their symmetry, and the particulars of the different elements which together constitute it.