PM5441: Protectorates of the Holy Cause

A protectorate of the Cause is between assumption and usurpation; it is where a power apart from the Cause reigns, but does so subject to the authority of the Cause, but said authority is constrained by terms of some agreement. This can serve as a stepping-stone to the full reign of the Cause; the agreement must serve to limit the worst abuses of the usurpers. This is similar to a derogative ecclesiae, but in the political rather than religious sphere.

An agreement establishing a protectorate of the Cause is binding upon all servants of the Cause, and none thereof shall seek to establish the full assumption of the Cause therein during while the agreement is in force. The agreement must be ratified by the Prophet-in-Council, and may have a term of not more than ninety-nine years. The Prophet-in-Council may by decree terminate it if the protected party has failed to adhere to the agreement. It may be amended by the Prophet-in-Council with the consent of the protected party.

Corporal and capital punishment are to be absolutely prohibited in every protectorate; and it is to be a term of every protectorate agreement, that the protected power shall deliver up any person to the Cause if such is requested of them.