PM5472: On Maratrean Eschatology

Maratrean individual eschatology involves these basic elements following immediately after death:

Punitive Benedictive Unitive
Separation Interrogation Operation Separation Interrogation Operation Separation Interrogation Operation

Maratrean general eschatology is concerned with the Cause, and with the union of roots (the final stages of union, the higher degrees of the greater enlightenment), penultimate union, the Later Lesser Sabbath, and the Great Sabbath.

Maratreanism denies the existence of everlasting punishment; it embraces the universalist position that in the end all shall be saved. However, it does admit the existence of a temporary place of suffering for those who have done great evils in their life, e.g. Adolf Hitler. In this temporary place, they experience the experiences of their victims. But, since the suffering of their victims was finite in duration, so too is their suffering in this place; and once it is completed, they are admitted to the same promises, the same joys, the same glory, the same blessing, which is provided to all.