PM5452: Marriage in Maratreanism

In Maratreanism, we do not recognize marriage per se. We instead celebrate holy enamouration. Anyone can get married; but only those who understand the true meaning of what they are doing are permitted enamouration.

That said, those who wish to get married for the legal or social reasons, may do so; it is discouraged, but not prohibited. If one is to so get married, one is required to do so under the auspicies of the Holy Maratrean Ecclesia, unless one has a good reason not to.

Now, this is the position of the central vessel; but as to the auxiliary ecclesias, they are free to take a different position. In particular, given that the term 'marriage' is important in some traditions, an auxiliary ecclesia of such a tradition may thus have good reason to retain that term. But, if they are to do so, it is important that they make a distinction, such as between lesser and greater marriage. Lesser marriage would then correspond to what is known as marriage in the central vessel, and greater marriage to what the central vessel knows as enamouration. Lesser marriage would be a prerequisite for greater marriage, although the two could be combined into the one ceremony as appropriate. A fruitful analogy might be drawn with the Mormon distinction between "civil marriage" on the one hand and "temple marriage"/"sealing" on the other.