PM5471: Eschatology

Maratreanism contains many prophecies about the End Times, the apocalypse. In one Maratrean prophecy, Maratreanism conquers the whole world: all other religions are placed under the authority of Maratreanism. The end times are in part a time of war, in which the Holy Maratrean Empire succeeds in conquering the entire earth. This war is viewed as the path to an eventually domination of the whole world by Maratreanism.

When shall the End of Days has come? None can say when it will come, for it is an error to believe that some fixed number of years or days shall pass until then - in many branches from here descending, in some we reach there sooner, in others we reach there later.  The Saviour-to-Come will appear in the days preceding First Triumph to extend the authority of the Holy Maratrean Empire across the entirety of the earth. The way to hasten the coming of the Saviour-to-Come is to propagate the true religion of Maratreanism throughout the entirety of the earth.

On seeing the fulfilment of many of the signs promised in the traditions, a large number of unbelievers will turn towards Maratreanism. From those who persist in their disbelief and wickedness we shall be protected by the servants of the Lords of Restriction in the days of the Saviour to Come. The only victorious government in the entire world will be that of Maratreanism, the Holy Maratrean Empire, and people will devotedly endeavour to protect it. Maratreanism will be the religion of everyone, and will enter all the nations of the world. The Saviour-to-Come will offer the religion of Maratreanism to the followers of other faiths; through accepting it they will enter into glory, including through the auxiliary ecclesia; those who refuse, we will be protected from them, by the servants of the Lords of Restriction. O behold that this is First Triumph.

In the Maratrean view of eschatology, the unbelievers will convert to Maratreanism during the end times, the completion of this process being the Second Triumph, or almost so being - for indeed, there may be some period between the completion of the outward conversion of all humanity, and the completion of their inward conversion also. It is a Maratrean religious obligation to invite all people to the truth; and those who reject the truth, may be subject to restriction, that they do not harm others. In Maratreanism, we are called to love the unbelievers, and draw them to the truth by our deeds and reputations. The apostates, those who depart from the Maratrean religion, we must draw back, through love and kindness, and through understanding our flaws by which we pushed them away or failed to hold on to them.

Everyone, as a child of Maratrea, has the right to a long and happy life, according to the law of the Cause, and Maratreans must do what they can to establish and protect this right; even the enemies of Maratreanism, even the enemies of this right, nonetheless retain it; one cannot lose this right even by denying it to others. Do not do evil unto evildoers; but do good unto all, even unto the doers of evil.

According to Maratrean belief, sins are divided into great sins and little sins. Among the great sins, the greatest are wicked murder - which includes the so-called death penalty, which properly understood is a form of human sacrifice to the pallid Pandal and the countless evil demons which serve him; the sin of false justice, which is the sin of setting up courts, and setting up laws contrary to the law of heaven, and pretending to execute justice, such as through fines or imprisonment, despite the fact that justice belongs to heaven alone, not to the earth, and to claim it on the part of the earth is a severe blasphemy - but the prohibition on false justice does not prevent us from exercising restriction, which is to prevent those who pose a demonstrated risk of harming others from so harming them - but there is no element of punishment in such restriction; and the third among the greatest sins is the crime against love, where they stand in the way of love, on such grounds as the gender or number or the ages or relations of the lovers.

There are two preliminaries to Second Triumph. In the first preliminary, all the people will espouse the true religion outwardly, but will not have fully accepted it inwardly. In the second preliminary, all the people will espouse the true religion inwardly, in the least degree of fervour, but not yet in the greatest degree of fervour. In Second Triumph, all the people will espouse the true religion, inwardly and in the greatest degree of fervour.

The Saviour-to-Come will purify Maratreanism of all corruption, and attain first triumph - the assumption of the place throughout the world.

The Saviour-to-Come will triumph in the last holy war, the result of which shall be First Triumph.