PM5415: Core Maratreanism

Core Maratreanism refers to the essential beliefs of the Maratrean religion, which are not subject to change. Non-core Maratreanism refers to non-essential beliefs, which are subject to being changed.

Core Maratreanism is the same across all establishments of the Cause. But each establishment can differ in its non-core doctrines and practices; furthermore, within an individual establishment of the Cause, the non-core doctrines and practices can change over time, but the core doctrines remain forever the same.

It is not possible to give a precise boundary line between what is core and non-core, but a few examples will demonstrate:

  • The circularity of time, the finitude of all things, the mind alone as fundamental, matter derivative of mind, the one single original-final divine mind, which divided to become the many minds, and to whom the many minds will eventually reunite with it and with one another - these are all call doctrines
  • The names of deities (including the name Maratrea), the names and identities of any subordinate deities - these are non-core
  • Although the institution of Prophethood itself is core, the names and identities of individual prophets is non-core
  • Although the concept of sacred animals expresses certain core doctrines, the actual structure of tutelaries, subtutelaries, tribes and subtribes is non-core
  • Details of prayer, ritual, sacrament, etc., are generally non-core; although the idea of having prayers, rituals, sacraments, etc., is core

Part of how we discover more clear this boundary is through interaction with people who are willing to accept some but not all of the Maratrean teaching. Whenever the Maratrean authorities encounter such a situation, they must ask themselves: Is this dispute about a core or non-core doctrine?. In every case, they should try to build bridges as much as possible, and not let our differences with others blind us to our areas of agreement; but, in the case of those who accept the core doctrines but disagree with non-core doctrines, extra efforts must be made to accomodate them.