PM5480: Classifying doctrines by certainty

The doctrines of the religion of Maratreanism may be classified with respect to the degree of certainty with which they are held. We may divide them as follows:
  • Certain: the truth of these doctrines are absolutely certain; we deny that there is any possibility that they are false
  • Likely: the truth of these doctrines is not absolutely certain, but it there is a significant likelihood that they be true rather than false
  • Possible: these are not properly doctrines of Maratreanism, but rather beliefs which it has been officially declared that it is permissible for each Maratrean to either believe, or disbelieve, or do neither, as they each feel themselves to be right.
There are also certain doctrines which have not yet been officially classified as belonging to one of these categories; their classification is a suitable topic for Maratrean theological research; it is possible that they may be classified in the future, by an official decision, after considering the results of that research.
Certain doctrines
  • the existence of time
  • the endlessness of time: time cannot come to an end
  • the soul by its very nature cannot be destroyed
  • the existence of qualia
  • that faith, and especially the highest faith, is virtuous
  • good and evil (ethics), beauty and ugliness (aesthetics), rationality and irrationality (reason), and truth itself, are objective realities, all equal in their objective status
  • goodness and beauty will always triumph in the end
Likely doctrines
  • the existence of other universes, both branching and non-branching which implies the existence of multiple futures
Possible doctrines
  • the existence of multiple pasts (convergent universes)
  • standing interference of universes (existence in multiple universes simultaneously, as a temporally extensive rather than a more momentary phenomena)