PM5411: Another brief summary of Maratreanism

Maratreanism is a religion, whose chief doctrines are as follows:

  • Mind is the only fundamental reality, matter is just a byproduct of mind
  • Mind by its nature cannot be created or destroyed, cannot begin nor end, but can merge and divide
  • Mind is by its nature finite, and there is no reality beyond mind
  • Time is circular, the past comes after the future and the future before the past
  • At the turning point of time, there is only one mind - this mind we call Maratrea
  • Maratrea possessed the ultimate in knowledge and power - for at that time she alone is, and there is nothing outside of her
  • She willingly became everything, by emptying herself of her divine knowledge and power, and dividing to become the many minds now existing
  • Although she divided into many and emptied herself of her divinity, in one her divisions she remains even now in the fulness thereof
  • In the end, she will seduce the many minds to willingly return to union with her and with one another
  • Being a divine mother of immense generosity, she has created, not just one universe, nor every possible universe, but very many universes
  • Universes divide, and as they divide, so do all the minds within them
  • Maratrea causes all that is, both good and evil. But she causes the good as an end in itself, the evil just as a means to an end
  • She promises that she will compensate us, for all our misfortunes in this life, by creating for us other universes in which all our desires are fulfilled
  • She will grant us knowledge of those universes after our deaths
  • She has established her Prophets and her Cause, to lead all universes to their final end