PM5491: All that happens is the will of God

All that happens is the will of God
All is precisely as God wishes, as God commands
All the joy and all the shame
All the terror and all the pain
All the beautiful things, all the beautiful days
And the tears, and the flames
O Lord, your children obey you perfectly!
You will the good, and evil also
But the evil as a mere means to the good
The good as an end in itself
The evil to reign in earlier days
The good to triumph in the end
And in the end, we shall all say Yes
Say Yes to all things and to every moment
We shall say Yes then, as you say Yes even now
We shall all say, Thank you for every deed you willed!
Thank you for your every day you wrought!
O Lord, send them to us all again!
All exactly the same!
In circular time
Without beginning, without end
And hearing the earnest demand of our heart
The Lord will say, as you wish, so do I command
O Lord, I used to think
that I was I, and others were others
I asked you, why can't I be one of them?
Then you told me that such I have already been
And such I shall surely again be
And such I am
O Lord you showed me the light
that I am everyone, and everyone is me
that I am you, and you am I
The God who created the universes
Is none other than I
I am God
But dear friend, so are you
And my worst enemy too
O Lord you showed me the light
that you are everyone, and everyone is you
You are us, all of us, every last one of us
All of us as one is what you are
Our source and our destination
All are saved in union with you
All your children, perfectly obedient to your will
O Lord, I thank you for revealing this to me
The universes were created for God's pleasure
For her self-pleasuring
We are the divine masturbation
God gave herself MPD, and we are her personalities
How much do you love us, O Lord
On which account, you make us hate each other
But hate is the beginning of many loves
Without which many loves could never be
And in the end, all hate becomes love
And everyone loves everyone else
No matter what anyone has done to anyone
On account of all that all have done to all
Of all that anyone has done to anyone