PM5432: A modern revelation, concerning the Odes of Solomon

Concerning the 42 Odes of Solomon, thus was it thought: on the first day say one ode, on the second two; thus the 42 odes are said over the 28 day Psalm Cycle.

However, thus was received: A MODERN REVELATION from the Goddess Maratrea, unto Zachary W. Martinez, her Protoprophet: Attempt not to restore the Odes of Solomon unto their original glory; but on the day they are recovered in their entirety, including the second Ode, this instruction will be cancelled. Neither attempt to restore any psalms found among the Dead Sea Scrolls that are not found elsewhere; nor any other thing in the Dead Sea Scrolls, nor any thing found in the Nag Hammadi Codices. [This revelation is not formally binding on any person other than the one to whom it is addressed; even so, it would be wise for all of the people of her Cause to take heed of it, in the absence of compelling reasons to do otherwise.]

Indeed, a further and subsequent revelation: That you translate it not, I have kept the second ode from you; and even were I to reveal it to you, even so, translate it not.