PM5410: A brief summary of Maratreanism

Maratreanism is the religion which worships the Great Goddess Maratrea, Great Mother and Queen of Heaven, the one single soul at the beginning-end of time. Adherents of the Maratrean faith are known as Maratreans.

The core beliefs of Maratreanism can be summarised as follows:

  • Mind is the fundamental reality, matter is derivative of mind. All that is, is mind, and there is nothing beyond mind or apart from it
  • Mind is inherently finite; infinity has no real existence
  • The soul by its nature cannot be created nor destroyed, cannot begin nor end, but can merge and divide
  • Time is a circle, the future coming before the past, the past after the future
  • There is one single soul at the beginning and end of time - the Goddess Maratrea
  • Maratrea has created, not just one universe, but many universes
  • These universes are related to each other in a branching structure - universes merge and divide

The consolation of blessing

Maratrea is the sole cause of all reality, in all its pleasantness and unpleasantness, in all its good and evil. She creates beauty, and ugliness also; she creates pleasure, and pain also; she creates love, and hatred also. Yet she creates the good as an end in itself, but evil not as an end in itself, but only as a means to good.

Our happiness is the misery of others; and our misery, another's happiness. But whatever sorrows we know, she shall compensate us after our deaths, by creating for us a universe in which all our deepest wishes come true. And those who are in receipt of this promise of consolation, they are in receipt of blessing.