PM5504: Concerning the Sabbath

Sabbath refers to a weekly festival. In Judaism it is celebrated on Saturday, which they view as the seventh day of the week. Most Christians transfer it to Sunday, which they see as the first day of the week - although a few observe a Saturday Sabbath instead, after the Jewish custom. In Maratreanism, the Sabbath is celebrated on Sunday, which however is held to be the first rather than the seventh day of the week.

The Sabbath is intended to be a day of rest from work. Jews take this very literally - some would say excessively, legalistically, puritanically so. Christians are more flexible in their interpretation of this requirement; although some have advocated laws against shops opening on Sundays. Maratreans oppose such measures.

Maratreanism acknowledges three Sabbaths at the beginning-end of time - the Great Sabbath, the Earlier Lesser Sabbath and the Latter Lesser Sabbath. During the Great Sabbath, Suarenna alone exists; during the Earlier Lesser Sabbath, Suarenna and Suade alone exist; during the Latter Lesser Sabbath, Suarenna and Suaretta alone exist. Remember the Sabbath on the seventh day, the day of the Sun, in honour of the three Sabbaths at the beginning-end of time.

Maratreanism encourages attendance at Maratrean functions on Sunday, especially in the afternoon or evening, to prepare one's self spiritually for the work ahead. Although working on Sunday is discouraged, it is not prohibited.