PM5503: Concerning the economic Establishment

Establishment is a term of dual meaning. In one sense it refers to the structure established by Maratreans to implement the economic principle.

  • You go into a shop, the shop-assistant tries to sell you things you don't really need, sell you more than you need. The shop doesn't care what you need, or what is worthwhile for you—they expect you to be wholly capable of determining that for yourself, and any deficiency you may have in that area of knowledge they will exploit ruthlessly to their advantage. Whereas, in the Maratrean establishment, there is no reward for selling people things they do not need; rather, the Establishment seeks to determine what its members needs are (in consultation with them), and then provide the most effective means of meeting those needs. It does not seek to create needs that do not already exist, or to supply more than is required to fulfill such a need.

In another sense, it refers to a particular establishment of the most holy Cause

Economic principle

economic principle: the principle that a Maratrean ought, in all economic matters, give preference to dealings with fellow Maratreans over non-Maratreans. This includes such matters as purchasing goods or services, seeking employment or employees, etc. The obligation is not absolute - if it is impractible to deal with a Maratrean - such that no Maratrean can provide that good or service or skill, or cannot do so at a reasonable price - then the obligation does not apply.


An enterprise is a business venture, a firm, forming part of the Maratrean establishment.

It is governed by a board, which incorporates representation of:

  • the founders (20%): the entrepreneurs which founded the company
  • the investors (20%): those who provided capital for the company
  • the employees (15%): those who work for the company
  • the alumni (5%): former employees of the company
  • the guilds (10%): of the workers of the company
  • the associations (10%): industry and geographical associations of similar firms or of consumers
  • the state (20%): as represented by the holy Maratrean establishment, ecclesia and/or empire


guild: a society of all Maratrean initiates in a particular profession; part of the Maratrean establishment.

A guild is in some ways like a trade union or a professional society - it tries to represent the interests of its members in practical matters. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for Maratreans to have fellowship with fellow Maratreans in the same profession.

A Maratrean enterprise must have representation in its governing body from all the relevant guilds.