PM5622: Pan-Maratreanism

It is an international pan-Maratrean political organization whose goal is for all countries where Maratreans live to unify as a Maratrean state or empire ruled by Maratrean law and with the Prophet acknowledged by Maratreans as head of state. It states its aim as unification of all nations over time in a unitary Maratrean state or empire, headed by the holy Prophet acknowledged by Maratreans. This it holds is a religious duty, an obligation that Maratrea has decreed for all the people of her most holy cause, and commanded them to fulfill. She warned of the consequences awaiting those who neglect this duty, namely that they shall witness not the cause to progress in their day. Once it has succeeded in creating a unified, transnational Maratrean state it should press on to expand the state into non-Maratrean areas. Maratreans throughout the world should work towards turning their land where Maratreanism is not implemented, and which is thus considered as the House of Usurpation into the House of the Cause. It plans its political progress in three stages: Firstly, to convert new members; then, to establish a network of secret cells; finally, to infiltrate the government to work to establish their aims. Firstly, to establish a community of Maratreans who work together in the same way as the companions of the most holy Prophet Travancus did. Members should accept the goals and methods of the organization as their own and be ready to work to fulfill these goals. Secondly, to build public opinion among the masses for the Empire of the Cause and the other Maratrean concepts that will lead to the triumph of Maratrean thought. Finally, once public opinion is achieved in a target country through debate and persuasion, the group hopes to obtain support from army generals, leaders, and other influential figures or bodies to facilitate the change of the government. The government would be replaced by one that implements Maratreanism generally and comprehensively, carrying Maratrean thought to people throughout the world.

There is no conscription in the holy state; for none may be permitted to fight save those who fight of their own free will, without any compulsion. But let all be encouraged to serve in the holy cause, even through the bearing of arms. Every Maratrean, fifteen years and over, is encouraged to undergo military training in readiness for the struggle to establish the most holy cause throughout the entirety of the world.

The system of democratic elections is to be rejected as un-Maratrean. The proper system of governance is by a Council, one half appointed by its own decree, the other half chosen by lot from among all citizens and residents. The President serves for life, or until death or resignation or permanent incapacitation. The decrees of the Council must be approved by a majority of its members, which majority must also be a third of its appointed members and also a third of its members by lot, and by consent of the President. A Vice-President, to be appointed by decree of the Council, automatically succeeds to the Presidency in the case of a vacancy in that office. If there is a vacancy in the office of President, and the office of Vice-President be also vacant, the Council may appoint a new President by decree; this is the only decree of the Council which does not require the consent of the President.

The advantages of such a system are manifold – it avoids the costs of elections, the demagoguery, the formation of political parties, etc. At the same time, through the members chosen by lot, it ensures popular input in governance. The appointed members ensure continuity and excellency in governance. It is a system which responds to the demands of the law of heaven, rather than the demands of the law of the excited mob.