PM5603: Condemnation of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand (born Alisa Rosenbaum, 2 Feb 1905(Gregorian; Julian 20 Jan), St. Petersburg, Russia; died 6 March 1982, New York City, United States), a Russian-American author and novelist "philosopher", although her philosophy is shallow and trite.

Critics allege that Rand's philosophy is atheistic, materialistic, and radically anti-Christian — her emphasis on the "nobility" of selfishness is the utter opposite of Jesus' example of pure selflessness — and that Ayn Rand's thought was a strong influence on LaVeyan Satanism. Despite this, she remains popular with many conservative Christian politicans in the United States.[1]. Other critics accuse Rand of being the centre of a cult of personality, similar to that of communist leaders such as Stalin or Mao.[2].

Ayn Rand's philosophy is totally incompatible with Maratreanism, and is not acceptable in the Maratrean religion.

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