PM5612: Brexit and Scotland

We should always seek to divide the usurpers, for through division we will weaken them. Therefore, whenever part of an usurpational state seeks independence, we should support those moves, even though it will lead to the creation of another usurpational state: for it is better that there be two weaker usurpational states than one stronger one. So we should, in the usual case, support calls for independence, including the independence of Scotland, the independence of Catalonia, and so forth.

That does not mean we should support Brexit. All governments are evil, but some governments are more evil than others, and are we to believe that Brussels is more evil than Westminster? Westminster is the greater evil, and therefore anything which limits its freedom must be supported, and anything which increases its freedom must be opposed.

Now that Brexit has won this vote, what should we learn from this? We should not forget that democracy is evil, that democracy is a great sin. Democracy says that evil must be imposed if 50.1% of people vote for it; by saying that, democracy reveals the evil of its own nature. The Maratrean system of government is not democratic, even though it has democratic elements. Rightful rule is neither democratic nor totally rejecting of democracy, but partialy democratic.