PM5601: Against Capitalism

Maratreanism fundamentally opposes capitalism.

As an alternative, it proposes the establishment as an economic system.

Major problems with capitalism:

  • wasteful competition - competition is good when it enables the exploration of multiple solutions to the same problem, or ensures there is a plan B available if plan A doesn't work out; it is bad when it results in people useless repeating work already done by others simply because they are not allowed to reusse existing work, rather than trying something new or original. This is a great cause of economic inefficiency, particularly related to intellectual property laws.
  • secrecy - rather than sharing information, which can increase knowledge, capitalist enterprises focus on keeping information secret - trade secrets, etc. Capitalists justify capitalism on the idea of the benefits of perfect competition, but in reality capitalist firms don't even want to make their own prices public knowledge, protecting them behind a web of NDAs...
  • wealth before reason - wealthy fools are allowed to waste resources left, right and centre; others who would make better use of wealth are lacking therein. Democracy is bad because it prefers the view of the majority of people over the reason; timocracy - which is what capitalism is - is equally bad, being a rule of the majority of wealth over reason.

Maratreanism is opposed to capitalism in general; but especially in the areas of human sexuality - prositution and commercial pornography - and in the area of religion - the copyrighting of religious scriptures under unfree licenses.