PM5202: Prohibition of membership in sinful organisations

The following organisations are sinful, and membership or participation in them is absolutely prohibited (except for authorised clandestine operations):
  • National Rifle Association of the United States of America, and any other body which opposes sensible gun control measures - this includes, Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and other such organisations.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, and any body which promotes abstinence or prohibition of alcohol. This does not include organizations which advocate moderation in consumption, temporary abstinence, or abstinence in the face of genuine medical need. (Alcoholism by itself is not a sufficient reason to justify permanent total abstinence from alcohol, as opposed to merely temporary abstinence, or limitations in intake.) It does include organizations which advocate increasing the drinking age, or who oppose lowering it to no greater than 18, or who oppose the legality of under-18s drinking alcohol with parental permission.
  • Any organization which advocates drug prohibition or opposes drug legalisation. This does not include anti-tobacco organisations, provided they do not advocate a total ban on tobacco.
  • Any organization which advocates the death penalty, capital punishment or corporal punishment.
  • Any organization which advocates circumcision.
  • Any organization which advocates human or animal sacrifice.
  • Any organization which claims divine inspiration and incorruption for any puported scripture which advocates any gravely wrongful act, such as capital punishment.
  • Any organization which opposes GLBT rights or same-sex marriage.
  • Any organization which supports dogfighting.
  • Any organization affiliated with the "pro-life" or "pro-family" movements. Both these movements are demonic in origin, and utterly evil.
Membership in at least some of these organisations may be evidence of demonic possession and/or Pandal worship.