PM5102: Some guidelines for initiates

1] Three meals a day and seven days a week, equals twenty-one meals a week. Make at least eleven of those meals vegetarian; including at least four dinners as vegetarian.

2] Alcohol should be avoided, except for sacramental and ritual purposes, and for ritual banquets. On those occasions, the recommendation is to drink wine, and in particular red wine, and in particular fine red wine, wine of good taste and quality. (Red wine is preferred, since it is the colour of blood, and has a stronger taste.) It is important to take regular vows for periodic abstinence from alcohol.

3] Exercise at least two hours a day. This could include walking, running, jogging, cycling, swimming, team sports, etc. - whatever one prefers, so long as it is exercise. Exercising outdoors is preferable, especially in clement weather. Those who are employed in occupations involving strenuous physical labour are exempted from this requirement on days on which they work.