PM5105: On Homosexuality

Homosexuality refers to sexual relations between people of the same gender - i.e. a woman with a woman or a man with a man. The term can be used to describe behaviour, desires, or identities.

Many religions have ethical/moral objections to homosexuality. However, Maratreanism has no such objections whatsoever.

Because the process of union begins, not with all souls merging together as one, but with many individual unions between individual souls, it follows all these unions will have a different nature, in accord with the developed nature of the souls so uniting. Thus there is properly immense diversity in human sexuality - both heterosexual and homosexual - and that diversity is part of the divine plan. As such, Maratreanism is fully accepting of homosexuality as equal in value to heterosexuality, and deserving of equal recognition by society.

This means that Maratreanism believes that:

  • homosexual relations should completely legal — laws against them are worthless and evil laws that must be abolished — these laws are repugnant to the law of heaven, and the law of the cause
  • governments must extend full and equal recognition to homosexual relationships. Maratreanism rejects half-hearted solutions such as civil unions, except as temporary compromises — separate but equal is never equal. Maratreanism also rejects proposals for marriage privatization, since they deprive the state of the opportunity to give approval to these relationships, which it is obligated to do
  • limitations on the right of same-sex couples or non-heterosexual individuals to adopt children are immoral and must be abolished
  • the state must use its law-making power to protect sexual minorities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, from discrimination

Maratreanism believes that a fair and reasonable balance needs to be struck between the right of sexual minorities to live lives free from discrimination and hate speech, on the one hand, and religious freedom and freedom of speech on the other.

Maratreanism even has what might be called a lesbian goddess (Melana, the female gendered root), and what might be called a gay male god (Hauzenpot, the male gendered root). So it clearly has absolutely no problem with homosexuality.

However, to call them that is to significantly oversimplify the gendered roots. While the most perfect expression of the female root involves female homosexuality, female bisexuality and even male heterosexuality can also constitute less perfect expressions of that root; and some forms of female homosexuality better express the female gendered root than others. (The same comments apply to the male gendered root, mutatis mutandis.)

Passages in the Bible and other alleged scriptures condemning homosexuality are the work of false and lying prophets.