PM5103: Do not defame or blaspheme the sacred animals!

When we come to believe in the sacred animals, we must then choose not to defame or blaspheme them.

The worst case of this is with the holy dog, who is constantly defamed and blasphemed. Even those who truly love the holy dog, if they do not guard their tongues, may find themselves blaspheming by mere force of habit.

Do not call anyone or anything a dog, if you mean something negative by that. I remember my girlfriend calling her ex a "cheating dog" - she should not do that, for that is to blaspheme the holy dog. Likewise, I have heard some people call unattractive women "dogs" - putting to one side the sexism of that, it is also blaspheming the holy dog. However, it is okay to compare people to dogs in a positive sense - e.g. he is as loyal as a dog.

I caught myself doing this tonight, although as soon as I did it I corrected myself. I am working on a program; one module of it was very slow; I caught myself writing in my private notes, "this module is as slow as a dog". Then I corrected myself, since it is wrongful to compare any person or thing to a sacred animal unless the comparison be positive. And my self-correction has inspired me to write this post.

Other prohibited expressions include "a dog of a day".

"Dog star" for Sirius is permitted. But "dog days" is not permitted - although the concept in itself is fine, we should note that "The Romans sacrificed a brown dog at the beginning of the Dog Days to appease the rage of Sirius, believing that the star was the cause of the hot, sultry weather", to quote Wikipedia.

"Tail wag the dog" is permitted, since the expression itself says nothing negative about dogs.

It is insightful to do a Bible search for "dog". Thereby one will find many verses by the false prophets uttered, and in the false scriptures recorded.

The same principle applies to all other sacred animals, but few of them seem to be defamed and blasphemed as much as the holy dog.