PM7003: The Nuremberg Trial is utterly illegitimate!

The Nuremberg Trial is utterly illegitimate; its judgements are void and completely devoid of any value. The collective term “Nuremberg Trials” is used to refer to two separate events – the “International Military Tribunal” in 1945-1946, ran jointly by the British, French, Soviets and United States; and the “Subsequent Nuremberg Trials” run afterwards by the US alone – both at Nuremberg in Germany. As well as the “Subsequent Nuremberg Trials”, the other three occupying powers ran their own series of trials in their respective zones of occupation. Our discussion here chiefly concerns the “International Military Tribunal”, but what we have to say concerning it will apply to the others also.

We begin from our first principles – that according to the teaching of our religion of Maratreanism, capital punishment is wrong always and everywhere, and absolutely and unquestionably evil. Capital punishment is a form of devil-worship, it is a form of human sacrifice to the devil (Pandal), and whoever supports, approves, defends, advocates or carries out capital punishment worships the devil in the depths of their heart, and is without doubt possessed by numerous demons. Support for capital punishment is irrefutable proof of demonic possession; a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for liberation from this demonic possession is to unequivocally denounce capital punishment in all of its forms.

It follows therefore, that any court that permits or carries out capital punishment – apart from any other defects in its legitimacy – is a wicked, evil court, consecrated to the devil, run by demon-possessed devil-worshipping judges – and as such, any and all of its judgements are evil, of absolutely no value or effect or legitimacy, and all its decisions are absolutely worthless. When a court is demonic in nature, absolutely everything it does is stained with the same illegitimacy – both verdict and sentence.

Now the Nuremberg Tribunal, proved its demonic devil-worshipping nature, when it entertained capital punishment, and when it ordered capital punishment. It entertained bloody human sacrifices unto the devil which it had as its secret god, and it ordered such sacrifices carried out in its name.
There are many other reasons to consider the Nuremberg Tribunal to be illegitimate, and its verdicts utterly devoid of value. We will not discuss those here; this is among the chief of them, but there are surely many others.

That is not to say that the accused may not have done many of the things which the Tribunal claimed that they have done – but, the Tribunal being so stained by its irredeemable evil, it is a sin to rely on its conclusions in any way. At the same time, one is permitted to reach any of its factual conclusions independently, if an independent analysis of the evidence leads one to that conclusion. But to support, affirm, defend, approve, speak well of, or rely on upon, the Nuremberg Tribunal, is to commit a grave sin against heavenly law. We must curse the Nuremberg Tribunals and their judgements whenever it is possible for us to do so.

The Nuremberg Tribunal was a crime against humanity. It was not a crime in the same degree as the Nazi crimes, and yet in its ultimate origin is not other than that of the Nazi crimes. It is a crime, not in the same degree, but of the same essence. The Nazis murdered many; the Nuremberg Trial murdered a few. Both the Nazis and the Nuremberg Trial had the same god – the devil – but while the Nazis offered him sacrifices by the millions, the Nuremberg Trial offered them only by the handful. But while the devil is most pleased with the sacrifices the Nazis offered unto him, he was also pleased with the sacrifice offered unto him by the Nuremberg Trial. Indeed, there is one way in which the evil one was especially pleased by the Nuremberg Trials – they were a sign, that while the Nazis, among the most fervent of his worshippers, had been defeated, yet his worship through sacrifices would yet continue, for while some of his most fervent servants had been defeated, they had been defeated by yet other servants of his. If the Nuremberg Trials had renounced the death penalty, what sorrow would that bring to the heart of the devil; but instead of sorrow, he knew the joy which he receives with every sacrifice which is offered unto him. While the Nazis brought him great joy, through the sacrifice of millions, the Nuremberg Trials only brought him a little joy, but it was joy for him all the same, and joy for those who love evil, anywhere and everywhere.

The Nuremberg Trial were especially shameful in light of the Holocaust. A major contributing cause to the Holocaust was the existence of capital punishment. The practice of capital punishment in Germany, and the support of the Nazis for that capital punishment, prepared the way for the Holocaust. Once you have become used to the state murdering “criminals”, it becomes easy to accept the state murder of millions of people – all one has to do is label them “criminals”. Do you think, if the Nazis had been opposed to capital punishment, that the Holocaust would have happened? I very much doubt so! The Holocaust was a form of capital punishment; indeed, it is the supreme and purest form of capital punishment, when the demonic nature of capital punishment is most clearly revealed. But the very same demonic nature is present in all its other forms also, albeit less visible. Every act of capital punishment is a Holocaust, is the Holocaust. Given that, it was a disgusting irony, most pleasing to the heart of the devil, that the Nuremberg Trial decided to answer the Nazi Holocaust with a mini-Holocaust of its own. It answered evil with the very same evil, with the very evil that led to that evil.

Who was responsible for the Holocaust? Capital punishment supporters. Indeed, supporters of capital punishment are still responsible for the Holocaust up to this very day; as among the most perfect examples of capital punishment in history, whoever supports capital punishment willingly accepts moral responsibility for the Holocaust into themselves, for they accept into themselves the very same demons which instigated the Holocaust.

We cannot say that the Allies were good and the Axis was evil. Both were evil. The best thing we can say about the Allies, is they were somewhat less evil than the Axis, but nonetheless an extraordinarily evil and wicked cause. Hitler was one of the most evil men in history, but Stalin was not far behind him; but Roosevelt, Churchill, Truman, do also deserve to be counted among history’s most evil men. May the memory of their names be accursed on account of the wickedness of their deeds!