PM7006: Celebrating Osama

It is wrong to celebrate Osama's death. There is no doubt that he did many evil things, but that didn't make his death good, just a regretful necessity.

I understand why some people feel that way, but seeing people celebrate Osama's death, it makes me feel queasy. I don't think anyone's death should be a cause for celebration. I don't have all the information necessary to make a fully-informed judgement, but based on the information available to me, I think the US was justified in this action. But I still don't think his death, or anyone's death, should be a cause for celebration, no matter how evil the person's deeds; it may be a necessity, but it should always be a regretful one. Osama was once a baby nestled in his mother's arms; I wonder how his mother feels about his death? A man who did some very evil deeds, but still her son, whom she once held in her arms. How do his children feel? To the world he was a monster; to them, whatever they thought of his deeds, he was still their father.

Now, I don't necessarily blame some people who feel this way, those personally affected by his actions. That doesn't mean their response is right, but we should try to understand it. We can't blame them because society has failed to give them any better way to deal with their grief. Don't blame the victims, blame the society which leads them astray with false hope and with fraudulent justice.

The only true justice is the justice of heaven. We cannot find it on this earth, and it is sinful to look for it. Sometimes, we may need to do things to restrain those with a demonstrated propensity to harm others from harming any more; in extreme circumstances, the only feasible method of such restraint may be to kill that person. But never confuse restraint with justice.

Osama will proceed to the chamber of the only true justice, via the separation and interrogation which preceeds this chamber. From thence, he will go unto the chamber of interrogation, through the separation that preceeds that chamber, then unto knowledge, then unto union.