PM7001: Capital punishment supporters are demon-possessed Satan-worshippers

A while ago I read an article in First Things. For those who don't know, it is a magazine and website of conservative persuasion, with a generally Catholic religious bent, but also with some contributions from followers of other Christian denominations and from Jews. This article is about a speech by Edith Jones, who is a US federal appeals judge. She gave a speech defending the abhorrent and evil practice of capital punishment on religious grounds; in response, several people quite rightly lodged complaints. Predictably, whenever there is evil, First Things is ready to defend it. Moral Debate, Secular Correctness, and Judge Edith Jones, Stephanos Biba, First Things, June 19, 2013.

I submitted the following comment, but in their hatred of truth, they refused to publish it. Should we be suprised?
I have a rather different religious view regarding capital punishment than Edith Jones. In my view, capital punishment is a form of human sacrifice to Satan. Those who support it, whatever they may say with their lips, have Satan as the god of their hearts, they are demon-possessed, and they offer up human blood to please their god. Any other justifications they may provide are simply deluded rationalizations. I pray that all those trapped in Satanism will come out of it, by renouncing and denouncing capital punishment. Passages in the Bible and other "scriptures" commanding capital punishment were written by false prophets under Satanic inspiration.