PM4002: Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church are evil. They hate gay people, and more than that they basically just hate everybody.

They are led by Fred Phelps - a man who is without a doubt demon-possessed, possessed by the most evil demons imaginable - the same spirits which dwelt in the heart of Hitler, Stalin and Mao. He physically abuses his children, and completely disowns them if they dare to reject his hateful ways.

He believes in hell; and he revels and takes great pleasure in the idea that his God has chosen (double predestination) the vast bulk of humanity to be tortured for all eternity, with only the chosen few (him and his small church) chosen to escape this fate. He sees the purpose of his church to be to bring to the masses knowledge of their own damnation. The doctrine of everlasting hell is an evil doctrine when believed by anyone; but this church makes this evil plain to see, where in other cases it is equally present yet hidden under a more subtle form of words.