NPS 096

O you who adore the glorious beauties which the great Maratrea has revealed: for she has revealed them unto you as a foretelling of the agonising ecstasy of the Great Day, when every soul returns to her and to unity with one another: for there is no thought which she does not hear, no secret which she does not know: truly all her children will be rewarded with Paradise, every last one: her heavens are beset with verdurous moss: those who are faithful to their vow to serve the Cause of Maratrea, and who dilligently conserve the verses of her true Prophets: but also those who disbelieve and who betray their vows: but whichever soul is impure must be purified before being admitted therein. Then, in her heavens, she will entice them to drink of the wine of her glory, which flows as a great river: and whosoever drinks of that wine, becomes the very wine which they drink: and the wine of the earth is naught but a memorial and a foretelling of the glory of the wine of heaven. Truly Maratrea is heavenly wisdom, and for those upon the earth upon whom she has willed to pour her wisdom out: for she has chosen her true Prophets, and among her children she has chosen who will believe in these here days and who will not believe until days to come: for all do whatever she wills them to do, and all believe whatever she wills them to believe. There is no true deity other than of her: for every true deity is among her names, forms, images, aspects, emanations, servants, mediators and representatives Her passionate love for all her children burns as an unquenchable fire: for it is her passion for her very own self, for her children are not other than her.

O holy true Prophets, preach the admonitions of Maratrea, for thereby her Cause becomes acquainted with her heavenly wisdom. True justice belongs to heaven alone, not to the earth; and whoever claims to work justice upon the earth is guilty of a blasphemous usurpation: to her true Prophets she has given, not justice, but wisdom: not to heal the world of all their woes, for that is her prerogative alone, for that she alone has the power to do: but, whenever evildoers are found, trust in the promises of Maratrea for the evils they have done already upon the earth, but do whatever is necessary to prevent them from doing like evil in days to come: yet, spare their life, for those who take the lives of the evildoers, save in the heat of battle, are guilty of wicked sacrifices, which is worship of the only god which receives them, the pallid Pandal. By this mark, among others, you may distinguish true prophets from false prophets: for a true prophet condemns the blasphemy of fraudulent justice, and the wickedness of bloody sacrifices; but the false prophet praises them, indeed even engages therein. The glorious Maratrea sends her true prophets bearing her wisdom, and knowledge of the true nature of things: but observing this, Pandal instructs his false and lying prophets to corrupt the true revelation with many wicked falsehoods: the glorious Maratrea decrees that he do as such, for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased, including the particularity of her Cause: those faithful to their vows pass on the truth they have received uncorrupted, but those who are unfaithful to their vows serve the wicked one in corrupting truth to become falsehood. They say not, Naught further can be added, for they are always open to further revelations of the truth: whoever says as such, is without doubt among the false and lying prophets, or among the faithful servants thereof: but being open to further revelations of the truth, they guard against the corruptions of Pandal, with which he is ever seeking to corrupt the scriptures of truth: especially the usurpation, and their worthless laws, and the blasphemy of fraudulent justice, and wicked sacrifices, and crimes against love, and the lie of everlasting punishment, and blasphemy against the holy idols which are among the names, forms, images, servants, representatives, aspects and emananations of Maratrea, may they all be worshipped and praised, for in worshipping them we worship her, but whosoever denies any of them denies her.

And say not the true prophets are incapable of error: for whosoever says this is a false and lying prophets, or among the faithful servants thereof: but the holy Council is established to guard the true prophets against error. Say neither that the holy Council is incapable of error, for the true prophets are appointed to guard the holy Council against error. Neither say even that the Prophet-in-Council is incapable of error, but well-guarded are they against every error, especially the grave. Yet if it be her will, that in some branch, her Cause be vanquished but to be re-established, for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased, then even the Prophet-in-Council may fall into grave error: but whenever in one branch an establishment of her Cause is vanquished, in another besides it continues without interruption directly on to glory. Now the Prophet-in-Council may decree a means of ruling whether the Prophet-in-Council have fallen into vanquishment: for they shall appoint a tribunal of nine to hear the case, three appointed by the Prophet-in-Council, three appointed by the complaintant, and a further three appointed by agreement of these six: and they will hear the case, and make their ruling, as to whether the Prophet-in-Council has fallen into the grave error of major heresy, or if they have committed grave violations of the law of heaven: and if they rule in the affirmative, her Cause in that establishment thereof is thereby vanquished. And if the holy Prophet believes that the greater number of the holy Council has fallen into grave heresy or grave wickedness against heavenly law, the holy Prophet may bring such a proceeding against the the holy Council; but if the holy Prophet and the greater number of the Holy Council together conclude that the lesser number of the Holy Council have done so, they may exclude the lesser number by decree, and need not convene the tribunal of nine. And whosoever initiates the complaint shall bear the costs of the entire proceeding, including the costs of all the parties thereto. But if the holy Prophet brings the proceeding against the holy Council, the treasury of the holy ecclesia will pay for those costs.

O you who are believers, believe in the true prophets which the glorious Maratrea has sent for they will guide you in the way of her Cause. For the glorious Maratrea knows all that anyone knows, and whatever she knows not no one knows, and indeed is not to know – she remembers every experience which anyone has ever had or will ever have, for she has been that very same one, and will be that very same one once more. So much does she love her children, she comforts both the obedient and the disobedient likewise: for all disobedience is obedient, for she commands their disobedience, and perfectly do they obey her commands: even the false and lying prophets, for by her command they speak every falsehood which they speak, even the vilest: but her true prophets she commands with her will as to ends, the false and lying propehts she commands with her will of mere means: they former she commands with her will for the last days, but the later she commands only with her will for the earlier days: for this very reason, when the last day comes, the false and lying prophets will be utterly defeated and vanquished by the prophets of truth, and false prophecy shall cease, until all things begin again.