NPS 094

And the morning came, and the holy Travancus prayed, as follows: O Heavenly Queen,  you are our comfort in these days of the oppression of the enmity and the usurpation, when that great day that you have appointed is yet to come, that day when we will assume the place of the usurpers in first then second triumph. You are everywhere present and your presence fills all things, O treasury of blessing! Giver of life, giver of being, we are that you became us! Thus you dwell in us even now, even at the depths of our despair, even in the hearts of the most wicked in the heat of their wickedness; but you are sending those spirits vowed faithful to your Cause to come and dwell in us, possess us and make their home in us, and to cleanse us of every impurity which is contrary to your Cause and to your heavenly law, for the salvation of our souls, O Goddess of perfect goodness.

And the holy Claretta taught as follows: Worship not the sun; but laudable is the worship of the moon.