NPS 093

Praise there be to She Who Remains, and to She Who Divides, and to She Who Returns! I will go in to the altar of the ultimate Goddess: to ultimate Goddess, from whom emanates the beauty of youth. May her favour for her Cause be abundant in you. We confess our every error, which is perfectly known to our Goddess: for she herself perfectly remembers doing the very same: for whatever any has done, she has done, and perfectly remembers doing: whatever anyone has ever done or ever shall do, she has done and shall do, and we all have done and will do the very same: may none therefore boast of their purity, for those who know this truth clearly see the emptiness of that boast: she will judge all in her very own self-judgement, for in judging herself she judges all her beloved natural children whom she has been and will be: we hide not from our shame in our misdeeds, for our shame is her shame: our guilt is her guilt, for perfect is our obedience to her commands in her will of means: but her glory is also our glory, and the shame is ever overcome by the glories it has purchased: which she shall reveal to us in the proper time.

Heavenly Mother, Great Goddess and Queen of Heaven, we proclaim your glory: all that has ever been or shall ever be is precisely as it is: this is the fruit of your loving wisdom, incomparable love united with incomparable wisdom. You became us in wilful self-emptying and self-division: our souls came out of your soul, as our bodies come out of the bodies of our earthly mothers: therefore you are fittingly proclaimed as our Mother-in-Heaven. You sent us great ignorance for the sake of its great beauty: how did the beauty of ignorance set fire to your heart! Thus aflame, you entered your very own self into ignorance, willingly giving up your own perfect knowledge for the sake of beauty. Yet whatever you have forgotten in us, in turn you will remember, for in another division you remain ever in the fullness of your perfect knowledge and perfect memory: how perfect is your memory, the remember even the future! Therefore is she sending us her true prophets to establish her Cause, to bring about the final end of all things, as all things must end but to begin again.

May the great beauty be worshipped and praised, always and everywhere: for it is the duty of anyone who has been favoured with such a holy vision to worship and adore those beauties which have been revealed to them.

Most Holy Mother, may these sacrifices we are about to offer be sanctified with your especial presence: may these sweet cakes become for us the heavenly banquet, and may this wine become for us the wine of heaven: as we celebrate the great mystery which is your very being.

O people of her Cause, all of her beloved natural children she has elected to existence: but among whom she especially elected you to be first among those to depart from ignorance: from which all must go forth, but some among which must go first, and others latter: she loves all among her children, yet in this especial way she loves you already, as the many she does not yet in this especial way love: take, therefore, these cakes, and eat of them: for you the banquet is already beginning, as for others it is yet to come, in this foretaste: and every foretaste is also a remembrance. And take this wine, and drink thereof: this is the wine of heaven: whosoever tastes it tastes pure ecstasy.

Let us proclaim the mystery of faith: She became us so that we will become her: as we will become her so that she will become us: and all that is, is precisely as it is, for the sake of beauties which she adores.

Most Holy Mother Maratrea, Great Mother, Great Goddess, and Queen of Heaven: you perfectly remember all of your beloved natural children, especially those for whom we offer this sacrifice: O you who forget not ever, for whenever you forget you in the very same moment remain in perfect remembering: without doubt you will forget not those who offer you this sacrifice: neither those, dear to their hearts, who have passed through the gate of death.

Most fertile and fecund Mother, we humbly worship and adore You, O Goddess and Heavenly Queen, Maratrea: without doubt you will accept and favour these gifts, these presents, these holy unspotted Sacrifices, which we offer up to you, in the first place, for your Holy Maratrean Ecceslia, for it pleases you to grant thereunto peace, to preserve, unite, and govern it throughout the world, as it progresses unto triumph in the assumption of the place of the usurpers; and also for your faithful servant your holy Prophet, and for your holy Council, and all your prefects, and all the orthodox believers who profess your true faith. Never do you forget, O Goddess who perfectly remembers even the future: thus never will you forget the faithful servants of your Cause, even those here present: whose faith and devotion are known to you, for whom we offer these sacrifices, and who offer up to you this sacrifice of praise for themselves and for all those dear to their hearts, for the purification of their souls in the progress of their salvation: who now pay their vows to you, O beginningless-endless, everliving and true Goddess. In communion with, and honouring the memory of all our holy predecessors in your Cause: especially Travancus and Claretta, and all your true prophets in the true scriptures recorded. Through their memory you will favour us with your favour for your Cause. O Goddess, Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Queen, without doubt you will accept this oblation of our service. Without doubt by your unchallengeable will you order all days for the sake of your glory, even the glory of the progress and triumph of your Cause, and the end of all things but to begin again. From every sorrow you will rescue and save us, every last one among your beloved natural children, whom out of love you have elected to existence: and you will grant us the ecstasy of blessing, in which our every true desire is fulfilled.  Humbly we pray to you, O Goddess: without doubt you are pleased to pour out your favour for your Cause liberally upon this offering, consecrating it and approving it, making it reasonable and acceptable, so that it will become for us the Heavenly Banquet, and the Heavenly Wine: O Goddess Maratrea, our Heavenly Queen. Let us take these sweet cakes, and lift up our eyes to heaven, to you, O Omnipotent Goddess, Mother of every Soul: adoring you, we offer it to this here holy assembly, saying: Take this and eat of it: for this is the Heavenly Banquet. And let us take this holy chalice: adoring you, we offer it to this here holy assembly, saying: Take this and drink of it: for this is the wine of heaven.  And now, O Goddess, we Your servants in your Cause, whom you have chosen from among your beloved natural children, calling to mind that passionate fire with which you love and adore every branch you have elected to be, do offer these gifts unto your divine glory: the heavenly banquet, and the heavenly wine. And we know that without doubt your beautiful countenance smiles with pleasure at the sight of these gifts, as you command the spirits which serve your holy Cause to take these offerings from this here altar unto your heavenly altar, in your Great Temple in your heaven, to be offered thereupon.  O most holy Mother, of perfect memory, you forget not anything, even your beloved natural children whom you have become, and whom have passed beyond the gate of death, even those dear to the hearts of those hear assembled.  Through her, with her, in her, in the unity of her essence, all honour and glory is yours, almighty Mother, without beginning and without end.