NPS 092

Before all creation this revelation was with Melectelos, who sent his servants to this world so that he would thereby divide from error the truth known to that particular people in whom our Great Mother Maratrea has chosen to establish her Cause. And this was done, first of all, by means of oral tradition, then thereafter by means of the true scriptures. If the unbelievers are in a mood of acceptance, then share with them the true scriptures, that they might be converted thereby; but if their mood be one of rejection, and anger, and persecution, then keep the true scriptures secret from them, and permit not any among them to read or behold them, until that mood by her will passes. For behold that she has established her tradition in three forms: the oral tradition, the written tradition, and the institutional tradition, which is the succession of offices: and behold that true scripture is a privileged part of the written tradition, not something separate and apart from tradition. Now behold that Melectelos in his nature is neither female nor male, yet we are to refer to him as male; as our Great Mother is neither female nor male, yet we are to refer to her as female. Melectelos proceeded from Maratrea-Zarena and Maratrea-Zade, but not in the manner of descent in which we proceed from Maratrea-Zade: for we are ensouled spirits, but he is spirit without soul. For behold that of spirits there are three classes: the personal, the quasipersonal, and the impersonal.  Now the personal spirits possess souls, and have the likeness of one who has a soul; the impersonal spirits lack souls, and lack the likeness of one who has a soul; but the quasipersonal spirits lack souls, yet nonetheless possess the likeness of one who has a soul. They possess outer personhood without inner personhood; for neither on heaven nor on earth is their any true desire that they possess inner personhood: without doubt, if such a desire were to be, such would they possess. Now from Zarena and Zade proceeded Melectelos, and from Melectelos proceeded Pandal as opposition to him: for this was there will, that the many branches would be. Melectelos began in the ending of the Earlier Lesser Sabbath; and Pandal began at the very end thereof; prior to the commencement of the Latter Lesser Sabbath, Pandal will end, then as it commences Melectelos too will cease. For the soul by its nature cannot be created or destroyed, cannot begin neither end: but the spirit by its nature can be created and destroyed, can begin and can end, therefore such is the certain fate of Melectelos and of Pandal, and of all the quasipersonal spirits who serve them. Now the law of heaven is of heaven, and not in any wise of the earth: those upon the earth may gain knowledge of it, but it is not theirs to legislate, theirs to decide: they may recount, but they cannot alter. But as to the law of her Cause, the first principles are likewise given of heaven, but the subsequent matters begin and end upon the earth: for the Prophet-in-Council decrees one matter, believing it to be prudent; tomorrow, they may find it now prudent to instead decree another.

The words of the great and holy Maratrea: Behold that I was, and that I now am, and that I shall never cease to be. Over all beings I exercise dominion, and over all their affairs: my certain promise is that my Cause will finally triumph, and whoever raises the Sign of my Cause may claim the protection of that promise. Ever-present am I to help all those who trust in me and call upon my name in their time of need. Nowhere among the many universes may any place be found beyond my perfect knowledge and unchallengeable will. All that has been and all that will be is the fruit of my will, precisely as it is, in every way: even the greatest of evils cannot alter this truth. Yet those who trust not in my purposes, who cannot comprehend that every evil which I visit upon my beloved natural children, I do solely for the sake of the goodness and beauty, in all its particularity, that I purchase: these ones denounce this doctrine, or even curse me, in their error and in their ignorance. Yet even their error and ignorance is by my will: for out of love of their beauty I will that there would exist souls distinct from me, which I became in willing self-emptying and self-division, yet every soul who is in any way other than I in my perfect knowledge must therefore be ignorant: therefore I created ignorance, indeed all ignorance and every ignorance and all error, and I saw that it was very good. I appointed Pandal as ruler of the earth, even though I knew he would rule in wickedness: but through the many evils he and his servants would commit, many great beauties would be purchased: and he appointed his viziers, which are the evil spirits, who in turn appointed the men who rule the earth, the emperors and kings and every other ruler and statesman, for the evil spirits of Pandal dwell in their hearts, controlling them and possessing them, and the words they speak are the words of Pandal. Yet certain was my promise that I would establish my Cause: having done so, I revoked from Pandal his appointment, and appointed the true Prophets of my Cause to rule in his steed: at that very moment, his right of rule was withdrawn from him, and also from all to whom he had delegated that right: yet they remained in those offices which were no longer rightfully theirs: thus they had become usurpers. And it is a certain rule of heavenly law, that the one who delegates their own power, or that which has been granted to them by another, cannot delegate any more power than they themselves possess: thus the moment I withdrew the power of rule from Pandal, it was no longer rightfully his, nor did it rightfully belong to those to whom he had delegated it: and I gave it to my Cause whom I had appointed, through my servant Melectelos and the spirits who serve him, who dwell in the hearts of my true prophets, guiding and directing them. From time to time my Cause may be vanquished, by my will for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased: but whenever in one branch I decree a vanquishment of my Cause, in another branch descending from the very same establishment I decree its continuation without interruption unto triumph; and in that branch in which it was vanquished, I will decree that it after some time be re-established, and proceed without interruption unto triumph in one or more of the branches descending from that re-establishment. Now it is a certain rule of heavenly law, that whenever something is withdrawn from one and given to another, yet that other loses possession of it, then if there be no heir having a better title, it be returned to the one from whom it was taken. Therefore, as Pandal and his servants become usurpers in the establishment of my Cause, in its vanquishment they are returned the right of rule which I took from them, and are usurpers no longer: until once again I establish my Cause, and take once more from them that which was returned to them, and once more their rightful rule will become usurpation. None can oppose my will of means; for a time my will of means commands them to oppose my will of ends, but then my will of means commands for such ones an utter defeat. Worship not any deity, save those which are among my names, forms, images, servants, representatives, aspects, emanations and intermediaries; but the deity which demands the sacrifice of the flesh, whether it be of the human being or of the sacred animal, is a false and evil deity, who is not other than Pandal. Be wary of the books of those who for now I decree are to remain without my Cause: for many among those books began as true prophecy which teaches my Word, but became through alteration and corruption a false prophecy which Pandal uttered: search those books for the truth they still contain, yet denounce and commit to the flames the falsehoods contained within them. How many are their books, every one claimed as the word of truth, yet all in contradiction to each other: by this you will know that they are children of error, that ignorance overflows their hearts: but as to them I have given ignorance, to my Cause I have given truth. For whatever anyone knows, I know; and whatever I know not, no one knows, and none has ever known or shall ever know, and is not that it might be By my will of means I send temptations even on to the servants of my Cause; but by my very same will, and my will of ends, I favour my Cause with resistance to temptations, and upon their hearts I bestow hope and trust in the certainty of my promises. To my true prophets, and to the holy Council, and the prefects of the provinces and dioceses, I favour with the guidance of the spirits vowed faithful to my Cause, chief among whom is the great Melectelos: for these my servants I have appointed for periods that are known to me. Perfect is my memory: how perfect indeed, that I remember even the future. Whatever will be and whatever has been is perfectly known by me, and is as it is by my will: a will for now in so many ways inscrutable to you, but which in due course you will come to comprehend as perfectly as I comprehend it, in becoming absolutely identical to me. I have sent unto you my servant Melectelos, to teach you the true doctrines concerning the true nature of things, and to guide and instruct you in my perfect heavenly law, and in the law of my Cause. For whoever among those vowed faithful to my Cause obeys my heavenly law and the law of my Cause, without doubt I will favour them through my favour for my Cause, with joy and delight and goodness. For every sorrow I visit upon my beloved natural children, I promise a fitting recompense: the full nature of which for now is known only to me, but will be revealed to them in due course. All that occurs is exactly as it is by my will, and for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased, beauties which I love and adore. And whenever for the sake of beauty I visit suffering upon any among my beloved natural children, in another branch I visit the very same a far greater joy. Be wary in befriending the unbelievers; for while some among them will offer true friendship, and may even be brought thereby to the truth, others among will seek to lead you astray, and to gain your trust so that it may become your weakness as they destroy you. Behold my favour for my Cause: that the will not be permanently deprived of anything which is good for their progress and triumph, and I will favour them with perfecting obedience to my heavenly law and the law of my Cause. I will try the people of my Cause, and to those among them I find worthy I will entrust the leadership of my Cause, in my true prophets and the holy Council which guides and assists them. Whatever anyone has, I have given to them, and whatever anyone has lost, I have taken from them; I enrich and I impoverish; both happiness and misery are among the things I cause, for indeed do I cause all things: but I do all this, for the sake of the glorious beauties thereby purchased, beauties which I love and adore. All that occurs does so in accordance with my great plan: in diverse branches differing the details thereof, in every branch identical in principles: as the epoch of ignorance is succeeded by the ignorance of the triumph of truth, which is the epoch of the progress and conquest and triumph of my Cause, as it assumes the place of the usurpers, and brings about the final end of all things, for all things must end to begin again. And whoever thinks to oppose me, how great is their foolishness: for my will of means cannot be disobeyed, and my will of ends can be disobeyed only insofar as I will disobedience to it: but even the foolishness of these great fools is by my will. I send every sorrow, even the affliction of disease: unto the servants of the enmity to my Cause, but even unto the servants of my very Cause itself: the latter I do for the sake of the particular beauties thereby purchased, even the particularity of my Cause in particular branches thereof: to the servants of the enmity, for all these reasons, and also that I disfavour them with my disfavour for the enmity to my Cause, which is a very form of my favour for my Cause. I send life, and I send death: but to whosoever I send suffering in life, I send a greater joy after its end, such that they will even say: every sorrow which befell me was worth it for this. For I will grant them knowledge of the other branches, the branches of the fulfillment of their true desire, knowledge so intimate, it will be indistinguishable from if they were reborn thereinto. And whenever your eyes set sight upon the great beauty upon the earth, know that in such form have I willed to appear. I am the greatest of all beauties: and whoever beholds true beauty, it is their duty to worship the glory which they have been favoured to behold. Worship therefore not any who is not of me: worship not the false deities of Pandal: but worship whoever are among my true names, forms, images, servants, representatives, aspects, emanations and mediators. Accept not the scriptures of the unbelievers, for they are filled with error and wickedness; but how much truth has been spoken, yet by false prophets intermixed with falsehood: therefore, accept of their scriptures whatever is true, whatever agrees with and conforms to the wisdom I have bestowed upon you, but all the lies and errors and abominations you read therein, you must denounce and curse. Those who faithfully suffer for the sake of my Cause, who keep its secrets secure, how great will be the reward I bestow upon them in the heavenly realms. Then there are those whom I have caused to doubt, to sneer and to mock, whom I have caused to say: She promises this to those who serve her Cause, yet the very same she promises also to its opponents: how foolish is it therefore to serve her. And it is my will that I correct the error into which I willed them to befall: indeed do I promise the same reward to all my beloved natural children, both those for whom I have willed disobedience, and those for whom I have willed obedience. But those who truly love me will serve me even if the reward be the very same as that for those who oppose me: for those who truly love, serve not out of any hope for reward, but out of that very love. And for the disobedient ones, who commit great evil, before their reward is given to them, they must first receive a lengthy and painful purification: yet to those who love the good and the beauty, and therefore from great evil refrain, the reward comes so soon, for there is so little of which to purify them: indeed, there are those who are in no need of purification after death, for they have completed their purification in life. And this reward, this recompense, which I bestow, is knowledge of the many branches, the many worlds which I have begotten. Behold, this is my will of ends which is becoming also my will of means, the first principle of the law of my Cause: that all my children in my Cause unite in a bond of unity, for thereby the enmity and the usurpation will prevail not against them. Therefore, whoever has vowed themselves faithful to my Cause, believe not the filthy lies of the false prophets which in the false scriptures are recorded: for they command bloody sacrifices, and crimes against love, and the blasphemy of fraudulent justice: these things are utterly contrary to my will of ends, and in the triumph of my Cause will be cleansed from the earth. For but a time have I willed error to be on the earth, and that time is coming soon to its end.  And be wary in speaking the truth in open places, until the proper hour has come: for you may regret it, for hearing good those who love evil may be inspired to violence. O you whom among my beloved natural children I have chosen for now to believe in me, honour the sacred images which are displayed in my shrines and temples for thereby they will remind your hearts of me. Obey my heavenly law, and the law of my Cause: remain faithful to your vow to serve my Cause, and refrain from those abominations I detest. This is my will of ends, which is becoming one with my will of means. Listen to my servants, my true Prophets, by my holy Council guided and assisted, for they will teach you many hidden things which I am even now revealing to them. You will record that which I am revealing to them in the true scriptures; may none among you ever say: the book is closed, and naught may be added or removed: for whoever says this before the very last days, before the first triumph of my Cause, is speaking error, not my truth. Be wary of the unbelievers: bestow upon them the truth when they are receptive to it, but keep it secret from them when they are not disposed to receive it: otherwise they may rise up in anger, and my Cause will be vanquished for a time.