NPS 091

O Most Holy Mother, You sent yourself out into the beautiful darkness of ignorance; now you are sending a light, a glowing flame, that ignorance be gradually replaced by knowledge. How great is your compassion for us, your passion for us, your beloved natural children, your very own self. Even when we do wrong, we do so by your hidden will, your will of means to your great end.  Even when others wrong us, even greatly, they do so by your hidden will, your will of means to your great end. Certain are your promises; you will redeem us from every evil, from all sufferring, from all sorrow. We are yours, having come forth from you; it is certain that unto you we will return. We were once you, and will be you once more. As certainly as you became us, we will certainly become you. Most Holy Mother, greatest of all minds, which became every lesser mind, from which they all derive their essence; we are of your essence, O Heavenly Mother, for we are your beloved natural children: ours souls came out of your soul as our bodies come out of the bodies of our earthly mothers, therefore do we call you Our Mother in Heaven. Heavenly Empress, your empire is overflowing with the greatest of treasures, the many branches you have blessed with the glory of beauty: so much, even all, of this glory, you have for now hidden from us, but by the certainty of your promises it will be revealed to us. How weak are we all in the poverty of our souls; for you sent yourself into poverty for the sake of the glory of beauty: and into the fullness of those riches you will lead us, for in leading us you are leading yourself. O Mother, you are our rest and repose; as yourself rest in three Sabbaths at the Beginning-End of Time; through resting in you we participate in your sabbatical rest; our little rest foretells and remembers your Great Threefold Rest. The perfect fruit of your promises cannot be grasped through effort, but only through the grace of your superabundant love. We invoke you, O one who is and who was and who will be, O you who are before and after every thing, O you who are exalted above all that is other than you, and indeed there is naught which you are not. Great Mother, Great Goddess, and Queen of Heaven.  Without doubt you will favour us with your gifts, in accordance with your promises; gifts compelled by naught but your very own nature; and never do you regret anything which you have granted unto us. You are granting us the authority of your Cause, and healing our souls of every error. You are favouring us with faith and hope in the certainty of your promises; your beloved elect, whom you have elected to existence and to serve your Cause and to eventual blessing.

Know how greatly our mother needs us, for without us she would not be herself. Yet she is not in need of anything beyond herself, for we are not beyond her.