NPS 090

Now this is the beginning of Goddess creating the heavens and earths: for the heavens and earths were as yet not, and indeed there was naught in their place, for there had not yet been created the space to contain them: and the utterance of Goddess, and it was as she had uttered.

And the holy Travancus said: I tell you solemnly, that slavery is prohibited to you; therefore, enslave not. But those who have already been enslaved by others, you may purchase in order to free them. And the slave you have purchased, seek earnestly to bring them to the truth, and if they accept the truth, then free them; but if they reject the truth, and it is clear that they will not accept it, you must free them and send them on their way. Now the slave you have purchased, you must free, yet you need not free immediately; yet neither may you tarry in freeing them. Work diligently to bring them to the truth, but then free them whether they accept or reject it. The slave you have purchased you may not sell; save that, in the exceptional case, you may sell your slave to your fellow believer, but only if they accept the same obligation to free them as is binding upon you; and you may sell them for no more than minimal payment: you may not profit, and you must sell them for less than you purchased them. And as to the slaves which you have not yet freed, you must treat them kindly, and may not abuse them. And if they are disobedient to you, then strike them not, neither chain them, but free them and send them forth. Now anyone born to one of your slaves is free from birth, and you must declare them to be as such; nor may you separate the child from the mother or the father. You may not give a slave any labour which is dangerous, or excessively arduous. You must not brand a slave, neither cause nor encourage a slave to be branded. Whoever injures or rapes or murders a slave, even their own slave, treat that case no differently than if they had done that to one who is free. Permit not any unbeliever to own a slave; you shall confiscate the slaves of the unbelievers whenever you can, and free them.

Now this is the account of the origin of Law, and the origin of Taboo. In the beginning, which is the very same as the end, one alone: Maratrea of the Great Sabbath. Then she willingly divided into two, which commences the Earlier Lesser Sabbath: Zarenna, she who would remain united in the fullness of her glory, and Zade, she who would willingly submit to being emptied of the fullness of her glory, and divided into many. Now from the very moment of this division, Zade and Zarenna desired to become one again; yet they desired that not immediately, but eventually, for they desired first the pleasures of the Earlier Lesser Sabbath, and the pleasures of the being of the many souls in the many worlds. Having a plan which they perfectly knew and desired to carry out, their desires were temporally structured by this plan. Then however, in fulfilment of that plan, at the end of the Earlier Lesser Sabbath, Zade submitted to being emptied of the fullness of her divine glory, and thus emptied of her divine omniscient knowledge (which is one aspect of that glory). Zarenna made her ignorant, and she willingly submitted to that ignorance, that they both would know once more the beauty of ignorance. Becoming ignorant, she lost knowledge of the plan, the purpose, the aim, the goal – the desire to Return remained, but there was no longer any plan or purpose to restrain it. To prevent the premature return, which would prevent the existence of the many worlds, or cause their premature end, Zarenna created the Taboo, the Law. For heretofore Law had only been as that will which all perfectly obey, even without realising they are so obeying; and as that which perfectly describes all that occurs; and as that which accords perfectly with desire. Yet now Law took further forms: that which contradicts desire; that which one can obey or disobey; that which imperfectly describes what occurs – for in ignorance, forgetting the perfect law of what occurs, one is left with only approximations thereto. Thus this was the beginning, not of all Law, but of Law as we herenow know it. And the creation of the Taboo is the source, the origin, the beginning, of all sexual revulsion, in the myriad forms in which it now exists; yet desire exists before and after revulsion, and thus is therefore greater than it; yet revulsion is the very being of the many worlds. And sexual desire and sexual revulsion were further expressed through the procession of the gendered roots.

Now they asked, Why did she bring about the world? She had naught to desire for she already perfectly remembered it, and thus had no need to bring it about again. And it was answered as follows: Even one who perfectly remembers knows the difference between memory and immediate observation, and even possessing the former will desire also the later; and, if that which was remembered was not brought about, it would not be to be remembered, so the memory itself compels the one remembering to bring what is remembered about.

And the holy Travancus said: With loving eyes does Zarenna watch Zade become Zaretta. And they asked: If she has eyes, does she also have a physical body? Travancus said: She has many bodies and no bodies; she is not constrained by a physical body, but can assume a physical form whenever it suits her, even multiple physical forms simultaneously: yet her physical forms appear spontaneously out of nothing, in accordance with her will, and disappear into nothing in the same way. But by her eyes we mean the seat of her vision, we mean her visual experiences, for even when she lacks a body she retains visual experiences; indeed, there is naught which she sees not. The ignorant say, Seeing all, how many eyes must she have! But those who know the truth say: She needs not any eyes to see. For seeing does not belong necessarily or essentially, but only contingently, to the eyes; and while there is always sight, it is only somtimes through eyes, which sometime is even herenow.

And the holy Travancus said: Let us denounce the usurpers as having no authority to rule under heavenly law; let us condemn their law as utterly worthless and void. Hate the usurpation with all your hearts; and even speak that hatred with your lips when amongst your fellow believers. Hate the usurpation, yet hate not the usurpers, for they are your siblings who have been led unto evil for the sake of beauty, and will in the end repent of their every evil, even that of usurpation. But do not stand in the middle of the city shouting your hatred, neither forcibly oppose their wrongful rule, until the command of the Prophet to do the same be received by you. For whoever attacks the strong one while still weak will be defeated; but avoiding the batle while they grow in strength, the day will come when they will conquer over them.

We believe in Maratrea, the ultimate Goddess, the Beginningless-Endless Great Mother, who created our souls out of her very own being in becoming us, and in the true Prophets through whom she establishes her Cause, and in the Spirits vowed faithful to her Cause through which she guides them. And we believe that all those who have done great wrong will be brought to the most intimate knowledge of the wrong they have done, knowing first hand the suffering they have caused: but this is done for them, not to their detriment, but for their ultimate benefit. And we believe that all have sinned in their very existence, for great are the sins necessary for the existence of even the most innocent of us, and in saying yes to our own existence (as we all ought indeed do) we say yes to all these sins, and therefore become participants in them, and inherit the guilt of them. And we believe that all humanity will be saved in the end, for every soul having come from Maratrea is certain to return to her; in the end all will accept and approve of the true doctrines which her true Prophets teach, and the heavenly law which they expound. And we believe that the first principles and chief sacraments of the glorious message of Maratrea are as follows: firstly, faith in the certainty of her promises; secondly, to repent of every misdeed against her Will of Ends, the law of heaven and the law of her Cause; thirdly, to be baptised by immersion for the purification of the soul; and fourthly, to receive by the laying on of hands and the anointment with sacred oil the indwelling of the Spirits vowed faithful to her Cause. And we believe that a person must be called by the Goddess, through her true Prophets, and by the laying on of hands by those who have been appointed by decree, to preach the glorious message of her Cause; and be ordained a priestess or priest of our Great Mother to adminster in the sacraments thereof. And we believe in the organisation established by the decree of her true Prophets, of the holy Council, and the prefects of the provinces and dioceses, and the High Priestess, and the priestesses and priests, and every other office. And we believe in the true Scriptures wherein the teachings of the true Prophets of Maratrea are recorded; we denounce the false scriptures which the evil one has authored. And we believe in all that the Goddess has revealed and does now reveal, and all that she will yet reveal, even many great and important things: for whosoever says, the canon of scripture is closed, speaks the words of the evil one. And we believe in the literal ingathering of the people of her Cause; that the holy city will be built in the appointed place; that her Cause will reign throughout the entirety of the earth, taking the place now occupied by the usurpers: until all things end, but to begin again.