NPS 088

Say: We seek refuge in the Mother of every Soul!
Sovereign Queen of Heaven, and of all that is and was and will be
Ultimate Goddess, compared to whom none is greater, neither equal
From the evil one for whom certain is the defeat
Yet for now in his retreat whispers into every heart
For the wicked spirits that serve him he sends forth to molest us
And say: We seek refuge in the Queen of the Dawn
From the evil she created for the sake of the beauties thereby purchased
From those utterly ignorant of the beautiful and the good
From the cords with which they strangle breath
For their envious hearts delight in shedding blood
And say: She is Maratrea, who alone is the first and the last
Maratrea, beginningless-endless refuge, from whom every soul proceeds and unto whom every soul returns
She begets every soul, and she is every soul whom she has begotten
None is her equal, save one who becomes absolutely identical to her
The Cause of Maratrea will triumph
And you will see great multitudes entering into the truth
Glorify her with praise, for what has been and shall be
And say: O disbelievers!
We worship not the evils which you worship
Neither do you worship the goodness and beauty which we worship
We will not worship what you worship
Neither will you worship what we worship, until that be the will of she whom we worship
For you she has appointed ignorance, for us she has appointed truth
But in the last days she wills truth to come to all, as for now she has willed it come to but a few
And everything she wills, she so wills for the sake of beauty
And to the denizens of heaven, she has granted pleasant rivers, crenelated cliffs and undulating hills
For refreshment of those who have passed the gates of the flaming chamber
Yet for whom the great work of union is yet to begin
Pray to our Goddess, and offer her sacrifices of praise
She will cut off the enmity, and deliver it unto extinction
Have you seen the ones who deny the triumphant sovereignity of the good?
The orphan is driven away: feeble are their words of condemnation
And from starvation perishes: they say that naught but nothingness awaits them
Great is the woe awaiting those who scorned and mocked
When what is good and what is evil were revealed to them
For there awaits for them a burning fire
Every pain they inflicted upon others, the very same pain will be inflicted upon them
Not a new and different pain, however alike, but the very same pain
The only true and perfect justice, which is found in heaven alone, and nowhere upon the earth
In the name of Maratrea, Mother of every soul, and perfect is her love for every last one of them
All praise be to her, Queen of the many universes
Her justice alone is perfect and true: after which the justice of the earth is a blasphemous fraud
It is you alone who is truly worshipped, for all who worship in goodness and beauty are worshipping you
You are guiding us in the way of your Cause
The path of your Cause you have favoured, not that of those whom for the sake of beauty you lead for now astray