NPS 084

Now from the hills of Fluancotti, the holy Travancus went forth, and descended into the plains of Menoramaqon. And he stood in the company of his disciples, and a great multitude of people came to him, out of all of the cities of Menoramaqon, for they came to hear the wisdom which had been bestowed upon him, and to be healed of the diseases of their hearts: for their hearts were vexed with impure spirits, yet he healed them; and the whole multitude sought to touch him, for a great power was going forth from him, healing all their hearts. 

And the holy Travancus began to teach them, and he spoke as follows: O Goddess Maratrea, whom we know with confidence: O Beginningless-Endless Mother, who exists in three forms, Zarenna, Zaretta, Zade; we know the true Prophets that you have sent to us, your children, in your most holy Cause to bring about the end of all things, for all things must end but to begin again; we know the holy Navaletus, chief among the spirits vowed faithful to your most holy Cause.

O Maratrea-Zarenna, we reject punishment, be it on earth or in heaven, as a lie of the pallid Pandal, as we also reject all earthly so-called justice as a blasphemous imitation of true justice which is found in heaven alone; but we affirm that all who have gravely wronged others, will in your penitential chamber be granted intimate acquaintance with the harm they have caused others, experiencing themselves every moment of suffering they have inflicted upon others - not as a new and different suffering, however alike, but as the very self-same suffering which they visited upon others visited upon them - yet you do this, not as punishment, but for the healing of the divisions among souls, that all become one with each other and with you. And those upon the earth who have harmed others, may be restricted from further harm, and be compelled to make reparations to those who they have harmed, yet we deny that restriction or reparation is punishment.

O Maratrea-Zarenna, we know that all are your beloved children, and that therefore all will come to the truth and be saved, and be seduced by you to willingly consent to becoming one with you and with each other: that in the end, all will accept the truly good and the truly beautiful and the truly true, and renounce all their evil ways and all their false beliefs.

O Maratrea-Zarenna, we know the first principles and ordinances of the glorious message of your Cause, which you have delivered unto us through your true Prophets: having the true and highest faith in you, and being truly repentant of  our every misdeed against the heavenly law which you reveal to us, consenting to being baptized by immersion for the purification of our souls from all that works against your Cause, and consenting to the laying on of hands for the gift of the indwelling of the spirits vowed faithful to your most holy Cause, such that they dwell in us, possess us, and make their home in us.

O Maratrea-Zarenna, O glorious Goddess, we know that a person must be called by those who have received the authority of your holy Prophets, by the laying on of hands, to preach the glorious message of your Cause and administer in the ordinances thereof.

O Maratrea-Zarenna, we know the truth which you have revealed through your true prophets, which in the true scriptures is recorded; yet come false and lying prophets, who corrupt the true scriptures into scriptures of falsehood: you sent corruption into your truth, for the sake of the particularity of your Cause: but whenever you send corruption into your scriptures, you send in latter days true prophets to restore them to their original glory, who translate error into truth, rightly guided by the Spirits of your Cause.

O Maratrea-Zarenna, we know all that you have revealed to us, and all that you do now reveal to us, and all that you will reveal to us: for you have promised us that you will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to your glory, and certain are your promises.

O Maratrea-Zarenna, we know the ingathering of the people of your Cause, in your appointment of the place of that ingathering, your holy city, where your Cause will first assume the place of the usurpers: we know that your Cause will assume the place of the usurpers in every land, and the earth will be cleansed of the stain of bloody sacrifices and all lauding of them, of crimes against love, of the blasphemous fraud of earthly justice, of law contrary to that of heave, and of the stain of usurpation.

O Maratrea-Zarenna, in accordance with your will of ends, we grant to all people the privilege to worship whatever deities they wish, in whatever manner they may wish, for every true deity is among your names, forms, images, servants, representatives, intermediaries, aspects and emanations, and whoever worships any among them worships you: but in obedience to your heavenly law, we extend not this privilege to the teaching or practice of bloody sacrifices or crimes against love.

O Maratrea-Zarenna, we know that which you have revealed to us, that the earthly authorities not of your Cause are usurpers, who rule without right, in opposition to your heavenly law, promoting and practicing bloody sacrifices and crimes against love and the blasphemous fraud of earthly justice and promulgating false law: we know your truth, that we are not in any way subject to them, and that their laws are null and void: you are sending your Cause to overthrow them, to assume their place, and to replace their false earthly law with the true law of heaven: yet until that day, we will provoke them not unnecessarily, that your Cause will be free to grow in strength.

Now they asked the holy Travancus concerning the people of that land of Menoramaqon, and thus he replied concerning them: Most verily there is a party amongst them who with their lying tongues alter true Scripture into falsehood, by whom it is distorted and twisted: for it is the urgent desire of their hearts, that you would think that their lies are of true Scripture, yet they are not of true Scripture: and they say: This is from the deity, but it is not from any true deity, but only the lies of the pallid Pandal: and they speak these lies, knowing in the depths of their hearts that they are untrue, for by the false and lying prophets the truth is hated

O believers in Maratrea, do you covet the hope that these ones will believe you? For in ancient times true Prophets spoke unto their ancestors, but they exchanged the true Prophets for the false and lying prophets, who distorted true Scriptures into Scriptures of falsehood: for they knew the good and the beautiful and the true, yet goodness and beauty and truth displeased them: so they exchanged them for evil, and ugliness, and lying falsehoods

Among them are those who have believed every lie which the false and lying prophets have taught, for in every distorted word they find a thing pleasing to them: in the most twisted words inserted, promoting the evil of bloody sacrifices, they find great pleasure and excitement: Maratrea has cursed their hearts with this wickedness and unbelief, for the sake of the particularity of her Cause: but all whom she curses she blesses in turn, as in the last day every curse is lifted

She made a covenant with them, then cursed them to break it, hardening their hearts: by her will do they turn words away from their right use, forgetting a greater portion of the truth which she has revealed, and resisting all those sent to remind them of it: she has filled their hearts with deceit, and few among their number does she except from this: even so, as she has cursed them she will in turn bless them, and as she has hardened their hearts she will soften them: what she has filled with deceit, she will cleanse thereof, and their every misdeed will be forgiven, in the day she wills that they truly repent thereof: O Maratrea, how greatly do you love all of your children, even those you for a time turn away from goodness: and it is for the sake of the great goodness that you send them to sojourn for a time away from it

And let those who have received the false scriptures judge them, for they contain within themselves the seeds of their own judgement, which are the remnants of the truth in which they had their beginning: for from them may be learned good, and whoever learns good will recognize their evil: and they teach mercy and compassion, by which they themselves are condemned

O glorious Maratrea, you beget and you are begotten: for you begat our souls out of your soul, in becoming us you emptied yourself of the fullness of your divinity, and divided yourself into many, even as in another among your divisions you remain even now in the fullness thereof: but you are not other than those whom you begat, and they are not other than you: O self-begetting glory!