NPS 082

Now this is a record of all that the holy Travancus taught when his party was encamped beside the cataract of Taragansis:

The holy Travancus thus recounted: At the beginning-end of time, the turning point of the Circle of Time, the Goddess Maratrea alone is, in the beautiful solitude of her Great Sabbath Slumbering for aeons, visited by beautiful dreams, of those things which have been and which will be Through these dreams her desire is aroused, to awaken herself from this her restful slumber Desiring then that all things begin again, she divides herself in twain, into Zarena, she who will remain in the fulness of her glory, and Zade, she who will willingly be emptied of divine glory and divided to become the many separate souls Thus ends the Great Sabbath, and the Earlier Lesser Sabbath commences, for this is first division And these two slumber in the glory of one another's presence, and their companionship with each other; burning in desire for each other, increasing their desire for the multitude things that will come and which they remember have been Thus they decide that the Earlier Lesser Sabbath must end, and that must begin the being of the many universes Therefore, Zade consents to being worked upon by Zarena, such that she is emptied of the fullness of her divinity, and divided to become the many souls, and into the many universes Zarena sends them forth

And the holy Travancus said: O how Zarena watches with joy, as Zade becomes Zareta! Praise there be to Zarena, to She Who Remains; to Zade, to She Who Divides; and to Zareta, to She Who Returns! In the beginning the Goddess Maratrea-Zarena created the heavens and the earths; foreseeing what they would become, she willed all things to be: the sun and the stars, the moon and the trees, light and darkness, water and rock, fire and rain: and she sent forth the many souls, her beloved Zade, thereinto. She willed that this would be that which they perceived, and therefore they perceived it indeed; she willed that these patterns would be present in their souls, and those patterns were present indeed

And sang the holy Travancus: Glory of Taba, glorious Taba, whom we worship, whom we praise! Through the holy night you fly, O Lord who glides! Praise there be to you as you traverse the sky!

And this did the holy Travancus command them: Refrain from the vile sin of parental adultery! Refrain from the vile sin of adulterous marriage! For both of these are crimes against love.

And they asked him, O most holy Travancus, what is the sin of adulterous marriage? The holy Travancus responded: It is when one who has committed adultery with another then pretends to marry that other; such a marriage is invalid, and despised by heaven, and whoever contracts or celebrates or recognizes such a so-called marriage commits a vile sin. But if the victims of the adultery, which is the wronged spouse and the children, wholeheartedly and unanimously give their consent, then such a marriage may be permitted.

Thus did the holy Travancus teach: The true self is prior to every construction; it is neither female nor male, it is neither young nor old, it is nameless, it belongs not to this family nor that, neither to this nor that clan or tribe or nation; it does not espouse this religion nor that; it is prior to all opinions and beliefs. We are all different selves, yet the true self of all of us is one and the same - that is, pure consciousness.

Now Tasharov who was a teacher of reincarnation came unto Travancus, and brought with him his disciples. And they spoke unto Travancus concerning reincarnation; but Travancus said to them: How woeful is your error! For you tell me, that one life becomes another, as one candle before being extinguished is used to light the next; yet let me ask you this, must one candle only ever light one, or two or three or twelve? And here is a rope soaked in oil: the first candle lights one end, and the second lights the other, in the very same moment, and the flame moves from each end towards the middle, both at the same rate, both flames reaching the centre at the very same time, so that the centre point cannot be sade to have been lit by one candle more than the other; and from this very central point, a third candle is lit. Behold, Yelcdan the many-candled god is busy at work upon your candles, creating of them a vast confusion you cannot comprehend. And you tell me, that water is poured out of one jug and into the next. But from two jugs into two jugs, half of each into each: indeed, Damgon the many-jug god is busy at work upon your jugs, creating of them a vast confusion you cannot comprehend. You speak of a river, but do not two rivers become one, or at times one river fork apart to become two?  Behold the god Meogdeor, who is also known as Vevredus, who is ever merging and forking many rivers. 

And Travancus said: Now tell me, O Tasharov, O teacher of reincarnation, how long is there between death and rebirth? Does it follow instantly, or is there some intermediate state? And he replied: By our tradition, it is three days.  But tell me, O teacher of reincarnation, if a god of great power wishes to alter the duration of this state, may he extend or shorten it? Tasharov, the teacher of reincarnation replied: I suppose, there may be gods of such power, and if one among them wished, they so could do. And the holy Travancus asked: O Tasharov, if the god wishes, may he extend the intermediate state to many thousands of years? Tasharov replied, I suppose if he so wished, he could. And the holy Travancus replied: Behold, the god Tarmide who extends the intermediate state, even unto myriad by myriad years; between lives great slumbers from time to time he ordains, as he so wills. 

And Travancus said: Now tell me, O Tasharov, O teacher of reincarnation, is it not true that birth always follows death? By which I mean, the one who dies is born again the day after they die, not born again the day before? Tasharov replied, Indeed, such is obvious to all. But tell me, O teacher of reincarnation, if a god of sufficient power wished, could they not cause one to be reborn before they died? To be reborn prior to their death, whether a myriad myriad years before, or a mere hour; to be reborn before their birth, or between their birth and death, such that one of their prior or future lives might even be among their fellows or friends? Tasharov replied, I suppose that a god of such power, if they willed, might do as such. And Travancus replied: Behold the god Tervagdis who causes birth to precede death!

And Travancus said: And behold the god Zaralsavan, who scrambles the births, such that all persons are one - for every life he places in order, such that every person who has ever lived is a past or future life of every other; this then he passes to the god Draecots, who joins the two ends of the cord together into a circle, such that the last birth in the chain is followed by the first, such that every life is both a past and future life of every other. Then at last he passes it on to the god Garamodi-Verasin, who takes the chain, and who alters it by merger and division - such at the beginning and end, every mind is united as one, being born as many, then after death becoming again one: such that every life is both a past and future life of every other, not by some varying number of lives, but immediately adjacent: thus every life is immediately preceeded and followed by every other.

And the holy Travancus said: And Yelcdan the god of many candles, and Damgon the god of many jugs, and Meogdeor-Vevredus the god who merges and forks rivers, Tarmide the god who extends the intermediate state, and Tervagdis the god who causes birth to precede death, and Zaralsavan who scrambles the order of lives, and Draecots the god who joins the two ends of the cord into one, and Garamodi-Verasin who alters the chain by merger and division, who turns distance into immediacy: all these serve Maratrea-Zarena, even as they themselves are worshipped, it is she whom they worship and praise, for they do their work of corrupting your reincarnations for the sake of her Great Work, for the sake of her glory.

And Tasharov said: O great Prophet, O great sage, clearly you have revealed to me my error of linearity, which I herenow renounce! And Tasharov fell down before Travancus, and worshipped all these gods, and renounced his errant views, and became a disciple of Travancus that very night.

And at that place, beside the cataract of Taragansis, Tasharov erected a shrine, which is known to this day as the shrine to the nine: Lord Yelcdan, Lord Damgon, Lord Meogdeor-Vevredus, Lord Tarmide, Lord Tervagdis, Lord Zaralsavan, Lord Draecots, Lord Garamodi-Verasin, and the Great Goddess Maratrea-Zarena, whom these eight all serve and worship and praise.

And they asked the most holy Travancus: Tell us, O prophet, do those deities of which you speak do the work which you say that they do? And he replied: By no means! They do not that work, for that work is done by none; but their work is to convince you that such work by them is done: for though their teaching is in error, it is an error in service of truth, for they lead ones such as this Tasharov here from greater errors to lesser errors, and in that way bring them to the truth; for indeed, these eight serve Maratrea-Zarena in this way, doing as she commands them through the holy Navaletus, for they are causal spirits under him.