NPS 081

There is but one living and true Goddess, for every other deity is among her names, forms, images, aspects, emanations, servants, representatives and intermediaries, without beginning and without end, who is perfect in all her many bodies, parts and passions: there is no greater power than her, no greater wisdom, and no greater goodness: she who begat every soul out of her very own being, who became every soul by emptying herself of the fulness of her divinity, and dividing herself into many: the many universes are the fruit of her will, and her love for us her children, and her certain promises thereunto.  And in her divine unity there be three persons, of near equal substance and power, at the turning point of time: She Who Remains, She Who Divides, and She Who Returns.

We proceed from our heavenly Mother Maratrea, who is the mother of our souls as our earthly mothers are mothers of our bodies; and unto identity with her and with one another we shall return. For the human and divine natures are not two separate and distinct natures, but the very same nature, albeit in differing degrees of expression: the human in a diminutive degree, the divine in the superlative.

We affirm the inherent sinfulness of every human soul, for evil is the fruit of the evil tree, and evil is the tree of which we are the fruit: for how many evils come before all of us, without which, none of us would exist, if though others might exist in our place.  But through the Blessing and the Cause she is reconciling herself to herself. She punishes herself with knowledge and wisdom.

And we confess that is prohibited for anyone vowed to her Cause to make any oath or binding affirmation before the usurpers; but they may feign whatever it be needful that they feign.