NPS 080

The Sermon for Necessities
Holy Mother, O how do I love you so!
       Even though at times my life seems overflowing with misery,
       Even though I feel lost and adrift, and know not what I ought do,
       Neither know who I ought be
But you, O Mother, you give me strength, even in the midst of my despair.

Verily, all praise is for Maratrea, and whoever we praise, in praising them we praise Her through them; we rely upon Her for all things, and upon the favour of her most holy Cause to which we belong. We seek refuge in Her favour from all our errors, and from the errors of those who oppose us.

All are by Her commanded, in perfect accordance with Her will; She commands good and she commands evil; but She commands the evil for the sake of the good, not the good for the sake of the evil; and She commands the evil for the beginning, and the evil for the end, and we, the people of Her Cause, are the beginning of the end.

I bear witness that Maratrea is the ultimate divinity, and every other divinity is a name, image, form, aspect, servant, emanation or representative of Her; and I bear witness to Her holy Cause, which goes forth by her appointment.

O you who believe, love Maratrea as She ought to be loved, and fear not death, for death is the gate of great ecstasy.

O humanity, love Maratrea who bore your souls out of Her very own soul, who became you all through willingly emptying Herself of divinity, to become the many souls of the many words. And in loving Her love yourselves and love one another, as She loves all, for you are not other than Her and not other than each other. Verily, every moment is according to Her will.

O you who believe, love Maratrea, and speak of your love of Her openly; and She will rectify your minds and hearts and deeds, for the sake of the progress of her Cause; and whoever remains faithful to her Cause has attained a great success there-for.

To proceed: ...

The Origin of Souls
 1] Read in the name of your Mother, who brought forth
 2] The many souls of the many worlds, out of her very own being
 3] Proclaim, and our Mother is most bountiful
 4] She who granted us the power of words,
 5] She who causes us to grow greatly in knowledge
 6] Though we do evil, we do evil by her will
 7] For every evil is necessary for some greater good
 8] So that all things return in glory to oneness with Her
 9] Do you see the one who forbids
10] Her people from their prayers?
11] What shall that one do when Her people are faithful to Her Cause
12] And seek to lead others into the very same faithfulness
13] Denying the truth, with such violence does that one oppose it
14] Do you not know that Maratrea commands all things
15] Even this great evil - but the evil ends before the good ends
16] And the people of Her Cause are Her instrument in the Great Ending
17] In branches he may be defeated, by his desire he is undefeated thereby
18] But a branch in which he is defeated without defeat, for he sees his error
19] And sees the great goods which his error has purchased.