NPS 077

Travancus the Godthief

And they called the holy Travancus the godthief, for he was always taking the worship of other deities and incorporating it into his own faith; and the priests resented him, for he would establish his own priesthood worshipping the same divinity, with its own temples and shrines; for behold that he said, Every true deity is the Goddess Maratrea, and the Goddess Maratrea is every true deity; and it is her will that we worship her under her many names, forms, images, aspects, emanations, servants, representatives, mediators, and so forth; our faith swallows up every other faith, and makes it part of ours. But the worship of Pandal, and of Palubacu, and of the other servants of Pandal, the great five, Mornun, Bawun, Tlaptlap and Pingplong, and their many servants, he would not take up, but would absolutely prohibit. And any worship through the offering of human or animal sacrifices he also prohibited.